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Brazilian Journal of Physics
On-line version ISSN 1678-4448


Table of contents
Braz. J. Phys. vol.39 no.2 São Paulo June 2009

Dynamical properties of a mutualism system in the presence of noise and time delay
Zeng, Chun-Hua; Zhang, Gui-Qin; Zhou, Xiao-Feng

Specific induced activity profile at the rotary specimen rack of IPR-R1 TRIGA reactor
Zangirolami, Dante Marco; Ferreira, Andréa Vidal; Oliveira, Arno Heeren de

Three cell flying capacitor inverter for dielectric barrier discharge plasma applications
Flores-Fuentes, A.; Peña-Eguiluz, R.; López-Callejas; Mercado-Cabrera, A.; Valencia-Alvarado, R.; Barocio, S. R.; de la Piedad-Beneitez, A.

VUV spectral line emission measurements in the TCABR tokamak
Machida, M.; Daltrini, A.M.; Severo, J.H.F.; Nascimento, I.C.; Sanada, E.K.; Elizondo, J.I.; Kuznetsov, Y.K.

Simulation studies for ion beam extraction systems
Abdelrahman, M.M.; Zakhary, S.G.

Electrical transport phenomenon in the lead bismuth borate glasses
Nadeem, M. Y.; Javed, Asim; Wasiq, M. F.

Polarized EMC effect in the Thermodynamical Bag Model
Ganesamurthy, K.; Sambasivam, R.

Paramagnetic shimming for high-field MRI
Tomasi, D.; Wang, R.L.

Dose rate influence on deep dose deposition using a 6 MV x-ray beam from a linear accelerator
Sousa, R.V.

Structural and dielectric properties of ZrO2 added (Na1/2Bi1/2)TiO3 ceramic
Kumari, K.; Prasad, K.; Yadav, K.L.; Sen, S.

An analytical treatment of the energy spectrum of hydrogen-like atoms perturbed by a generalized van der Waals potential
Amin, M.E.; El-Aasser, M.A

Critical indices of random planar electrical networks
Espinoza Ortiz, J.S.; Gunaratne, Gemunu H.

Director profile of a nematic between two concentric cylinders with inhomogeneous boundary conditions
Yednak, C.A.R.; Lenzi, E.K.; Evangelista, L.R.

Quantum effects in water: proton kinetic energy maxima in stable and supercooled liquid
Pietropaolo, Antonino; Senesi, Roberto; Andreani, Carla; Mayers, Jerry

Characteristics of dielectric barrier discharge reactor for material treatment
Kostov, K.G.; Honda, R. Y.; Alves, L.M.S.; Kayama, M.E.

Berry's phase in the two-level model
Aguiar Pinto, A.C.; Moutinho, M.; Thomaz, M.T.

Influence of high frequency and moderate energy pulses on DLC deposition onto metallic substrates by magnetron sputtering technique
Oliveira, R. M.; Hoshida, L.; Ueda, M.; Baba, K.