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Brazilian Journal of Physics
On-line version ISSN 1678-4448


Table of contents
Braz. J. Phys. vol.39 no.3 São Paulo Sept. 2009

Study on dual-concentric-core dispersion compensation photonic crystal fiber
Song, Zhao-yuan; Hou, Lan-tian; Zhao, Xing-tao; Wei, Dong-bin; Liu, Xiao-dong; Liu, Zhao-lun

Interatomic coulombic decay: a short review
Dias, AxM

Correlation energy in a triplet state of a two-electron spherical quantum dot
Rejo Jeice, A.; Navaneethakrishanan, K.

Coherent vorticity extraction in 3D homogeneous isotropic turbulence: influence of the Reynolds number and geometrical statistics
Kadoch, Benjamin; Domingues, Margarete Oliveira; Broemstrup, Ingmar; Larcheveque, Lionel; Schneider, Kai; Farge, Marie

Sequential and double sequential fission observed in heavy ion interaction Of (11.67 MeV/u)197Au projectile with 197Au target
Nasir, Tabassum; Khan, Ehsan Ullah; Baluch, Javaid Jahan; Rehman, Shafi-Ur-; Matiullah; Rafique, Muhammad

Annealing time effect on the properties of CuInSe2 grown by electrodeposition using two electrodes system
Bouraiou, A.; Aida, M.S.; Mosbah, A.; Attaf, N.

A 3-D four-wing attractor and its analysis
Wang, Zenghui; Sun, Yanxia; van Wyk, Barend Jacobus; Qi, Guoyuan; van Wyk, Michael Antonie

Characteristics of austenitic stainless steel nitrided in a hybrid glow discharge plasma
Oliveira, R. M.; Ueda, M.; Silva, L. L. G.; Reuther, H.; Lepienski, C. M.

Gupta-Bleuler quantization for massive and massless free vector fields
Dehghani, M.

Angiogenic properties of natural rubber latex biomembranes and the serum fraction of Hevea brasiliensis
Ferreira, Mariselma; Mendonça, Ricardo José; Coutinho-Netto, Joaquim; Mulato, Marcelo

GUP and higher dimensional Reissner-Nordström black hole radiation
Dehghani, M.; Farmany, A.

Implications of a decay law for the cosmological constant in higher dimensional cosmology and cosmological wormholes
Rami, El-Nabulsi Ahmad

EPR study of gamma induced radicals in amino and iminodiacetic acid derivatives
Aydin, Murat; Baskan, M. Halim; Emre Osmanoglu, M. Y.

The spin dynamics of molecular magnets beyond Kubo's linear response theory
Dartora, C.A.; Cabrerat, G.G.; Nobrega, K.Z.

MOND virial theorem applied to a galaxy cluster
Fabris, J.C.; Velten, H.E.S.

A simple way to avoid metastable configurations in the density-matrix renormalization-group algorithms
Xavier, J. C.

Inter hydrogen bonded complexes of hexadecylaniline and alkoxy benzoic acids: a study of crystallization kinetics
Vijayakumar, V.N.; Murugadass, K.; Mohan, M.L.N. Madhu

Interference of robust tori on the resonance overlap
Carvalho, R. Egydio de; Martins, Caroline G.L.; Favaro, G.M.