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Brazilian Journal of Physics
On-line version ISSN 1678-4448


Table of contents
Braz. J. Phys. vol.40 no.1 São Paulo Mar. 2010

Energy in an expanding universe in the teleparallel geometry
Sousa, A. A.; Moura, J. S.; Pereira, R. B.

Variational calculation of low-energy positron life time in Xe atoms
Abdel-Mageed, Mahasen M.

Comparison of some theoretical models for fittings of the temperature dependence of the fundamental energy gap in GaAs
Morais, R. R. O.; Dias, I. F. L.; Duarte, J. L.; Laureto, E.; Lourenço, S. A.; Silva, E. C. F. da; Quivy, A. A.

Effect of warm ionized plasma medium on radiation properties of four elements microstrip antenna array printed on ferrite substrate
Sawalha, Ayman Al; Mubarak, Inas Al

Study of ion beam sputtering using a glow discharge ion source
Abdelrahman, M.M.

CGS based solar cells with In2S3 buffer layer deposited by CBD and coevaporation
Vallejo, W.; Clavijo, J.; Gordillo, G.

UV dominant optical emission newly detected from radioisotopes and XRF sources
Padmanabha Rao, M. A.

Thermal and epithermal neutron fluence rates in the irradiation facilities of the TRIGA IPR-R1 nuclear reactor
Zangirolami, Dante Marco; Oliveira, Arno Heeren de; Ferreira, Andréa Vidal

First-principles study of structural, electronic and elastic properties of Nb4AlC3
Bouhemadou, A.

Flux and dose rate evaluation of iter system using MCNP5
Araújo, Arione; Pereira, Claubia; Veloso, Maria Auxiliadora Fortini; Costa, Antonella Lombardi; Dalle, Hugo Moura

The role of nonequilibrium thermo-mechanical statistics in modern technologies and industrial processes: an overview
Rodrigues, Clóves G.; Silva, Antônio A. P.; Silva, Carlos A. B.; Vasconcellos, Áurea R.; Ramos, J. Galvão; Luzzi, Roberto

Generation of M2>0 anti-ghosts from M2>0 superbradyons at gravito-electroweak unification scale
Rami, El-Nabulsi Ahmad

Time evolution of Wigner functions governed by bipartite Hamiltonian system with kinetic coupling
Xu, Ye-Jun; Liu, Qiu-Yu; Yuan, Hong-Chun; Fan, Hong-Yi

Collective coordinate analysis for double sine-Gordon model
Nazifkar, Samira; Javidan, Kurosh

Design and characterization of an RF plasma cleaner
Canal, G.P.; Luna, H.; Ruchko, L.F.; Galvão, R.M.O.

Autoionization of He atoms induced by partially stripped ion impact
Martínez, C.F.; Otranto, S.

Retrieval of GammaCell 220 irradiator isodose curves with MCNP simulations and experimental measurements
Rodrigues, R.R.; Grynberg, S.E.; Ferreira, A.V.; Belo, L.C.M.; Squair, P.L.; Sousa, R.V.; Sebastião, R.C.O.; Ribeiro, M.A.