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Economia e Sociedade
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Table of contents
Econ. soc. vol.20 no.2 Campinas Aug. 2011

Exchange rates, savings and productivity: short and long-term impacts
Gala, Paulo; Libânio, Gilberto

Social regulation and accumulation by spoliation: reflection on the essence of the theses of financialization and the nature of the state in the characterization of contemporary capitalism
Almeida Filho, Niemeyer; Paulani, Leda Maria

The new consensus macroeconomics and some insights from a heterodox critique
Teixeira, Anderson Mutter; Missio, Fabrício José

Technological unemployment: Ricardo, Marx, and the case of the manufacturing industry in Brazil (1990-2007)
Couto, Joaquim Miguel; Garcia, Maria de Fátima; Freitas, Carlos Eduardo de; Silvestre, Rodolfo Cezar

The Fed's actions before and after the housing bubble burst: discretion and mandate of central banks in an environment of financial deregulation
Bullio, Olívia; Ferrara, Daniel Nicolau; Cunha, Patrícia; Carvalho, Carlos Eduardo

The effects of regional integration on the world foreign direct investment flows
Jorge, Carolina de Almeida; Castilho, Marta

Frederick Winslow Taylor's oeuvre: an analysis of wages
Silva, Victor Paulo Gomes da

Coffee economy: railroads, export and the internal market in São Paulo (1888-1917)
Tosi, Pedro Geraldo; Faleiros, Rogério Naques

 Notas e Resenhas
 ·  A trajetória de um clássico: Formação econômica do Brasil de Celso Furtado
Silva, Roberto Pereira