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Texto & Contexto - Enfermagem
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Culture, Health and Nursing

Table of contents
Texto contexto - enferm. vol.15 no.1 Florianópolis Jan./Mar. 2006

 Original Article - Research
 ·  Nursing: from the culture of subservience to the culture of solidarity
Bellato, Roseney; Pereira, Wilza Rocha

 ·  Culture as an obstacle: perceptons in nursing towards care for the family in multiple-patient rooms
Monticelli, Marisa; Elsen, Ingrid

 ·  The contruction of the feminine and of the masculine in the process of taking care of children in pres-schools
Gomes, Vera Lúcia de Oliveira

 ·  Meaning attributed to the blood for donors and receivers of blood
Benetti, Salete Regina Daronco; Lenardt, Maria Helena

 ·  Use of the expression "seven-day disease" by mothers of children who died of neonatal tetanus in Minas Gerais (1997-2002)
Vieira, Lúcio José; Oliveira, Maria Helena Pessini de; Lefèvre, Fernando

 ·  A passage through mirrors: the construction of the nurse's professional identity
Oliveira, Beatriz Guitton Renaud Baptista de

 ·  Popular beliefs related to realth: appropriation of social-cultural knowledge
Siqueira, Karina Machado; Barbosa, Maria Alves; Brasil, Virginia Visconde; Oliveira, Lizete Malagoni Cavalcante; Andraus, Lourdes Maria Silva

 ·  Self-care of diabetic pregnant women, a way of ensuring a healthy baby
Guerra de Castillo, Carmen Amarilis; Vásquez, Marta Lucía

 ·  The pictorial ethnographic approachn for the evalution of the health and nursing service
Melleiro, Marta Maria; Gualda, Dulce Maria Rosa

 ·  Social-cultural and historical causes of popular prevention and diseases care practice of a cultural group
Kreutz, Irene; Gaiva, Maria Aparecida Munhoz; Azevedo, Rosemeiry Capriata de Souza

 ·  Grandparents' understandings about the practice of maternal breast-feeding in family daily life: the culture of possibilities for breast-feeding
Teixeira, Marizete Argolo; Nitschke, Rosane Gonçalves; De Gasperi, Patricia; Siedler, Mônica Joesting

 ·  Women and health care professionals: the role of cultural imagination in the humanization of delivery and childbirth
Griboski, Rejane Antonello; Guilhem, Dirce

 ·  Popular phytotherapy: the instrumental search as therapy
Tomazzoni, Marisa Ines; Negrelle, Raquel Rejane Bonato; Centa, Maria de Lourdes

 ·  Birth: a meeting with de sacred
Nogueira, Adriana Tanese

 ·  Reflecting on intercultural dialogue in nursing
Gilbert, Julie

 ·  Brain death as a present for life: exploring contemporary cultural practices
Vargas, Mara Ambrosina; Ramos, Flávia Regina Souza

 ·  Breast feeding and female breast: an analysis under the perspective of sexuality and reproductive rights
Monteiro, Juliana Cristina dos Santos; Gomes, Flávia Azevedo; Nakano, Ana Márcia Spanó

 ·  The violence in the childhood like a cultural matter
Ricas, Janete; Donoso, Miguir Terezinha Vieccelli; Gresta, Mona Lisa Maria

 Experiment Report
 ·  Antrhopology of care en Spanish nursing knowledge
González Gil, Teresa; Martínez Gimeno, Lara; Luengo González, Raquel

 ·  A identidade cultural na pós-modernidade
Teixeira, Elisabeth