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Revista Latino-Americana de Enfermagem
On-line version ISSN 1518-8345


Table of contents
Rev. Latino-Am. Enfermagem vol.10 no.3 Ribeirão Preto May/June 2002

 ·  As novas exigências da comunicação científica na era do conhecimento
Mendes, Isabel Amélia Costa; Marziale, Maria Helena Palucci

 Original Articles
 ·  Ethical issues linked to the professional practice of nurses that are members of a hospital infection control commission
Alves, Débora Cristina Ignácio; Évora, Yolanda Dora Martinez

 ·  The graduate programs offered by the University of São Paulo at Ribeirão Preto college of nursing: historical evolution and contributions to nursing development
Almeida, Maria Cecília Puntel de; Rodrigues, Rosalina Aparecida Partezani; Furegato, Antonia Regina Ferreira; Scochi, Carmen Gracinda Silvan

 ·  Implementation of nursing process in a radiotherapy unit: creation of a record card
Vaz, Ana Francisca; Macedo, Denise Diniz; Montagnoli, Édina Tavares de Lima; Lopes, Maria Helena Baena de Moraes; Grion, Regina Célia

 ·  Nursing on the web: the creation and validation process of a coronary heart disease WEB site
Marques, Isaac Rosa; Marin, Heimar de Fátima

 ·  Genetic map: an instrument of work in the systemic comprehension of life
Zuse, Almerinda Silveira; Rossato, Verginia Medianeira Dallago; Backes, Vânia Marli Schubert

 ·  Children and adolecents in outpatient clinic chemotherapy: nursing implications
Costa, Juliana Cardeal da; Lima, Regina Aparecida Garcia de

 ·  Unveiling violence at home against children and adolescents under the view of law professionals in the municipality of Jardinópolis-SP, Brazil
Roque, Eliana Mendes de Souza Teixeira; Ferriani, Maria das Graças Carvalho

 ·  The cultural meaning attributed to the intensive care unit by clients and their parents: a link between abysm border and freedom
Lemos, Rejane Cussi Assunção; Rossi, Lídia Aparecida

 Review Articles
 ·  The evolution of care in the areas of reproductive and sexual health : Brazil, 20th century
Mandú, Edir Nei Teixeira

 ·  Intersubjectivity and historicity: contributions from modern hermeneutics to ethnographic research
Costa, Maria Cristina Silva

 ·  Group psychotherapy and considerations concerning the patient as an agent for his own change
Bechelli, Luiz Paulo de C.; Santos, Manoel Antônio dos

 ·  The nursing shortage: a worldwide problem
Booth, Rachel Z.

 ·  The re-humanization of the executive nurse's job: a focus on the spiritual dimension
Mendes, Isabel Amélia Costa; Trevizan, Maria Auxiliadora; Ferraz, Clarice Aparecida; Fávero, Neide

 ·  A pediatric view on pregnancy among adolescents: a bibliographical study
Gomes, Romeu; Fonseca, Eliane M.G.O.; Veiga, Álvaro J.M.O.

 Updating Articles
 ·  Health habits and risk factors in hypertensive patients
Simonetti, Janete Pessuto; Batista, Lígia; Carvalho, Lídia Raquel de

 ·  Narrations as a nursing research technique
Silva, Denise Guerreiro Vieira da; Trentini, Mercedes

 ·  Nursing care and the invasion of patients' privacy: an ethical and moral issue
Pupulim, Jussara Simone Lenzi; Sawada, Namie Okino

 Notes and Information
 ·  Educative memory and tessitura of educational concepts: the experience of the teaching diploma in nursing
Bagnato, Maria Helena Salgado; Cocco, Maria Inês Monteiro

 ·  Dor: o quinto sinal vital
Sousa, Fátima Aparecida Emm Faleiros