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Saúde e Sociedade
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Table of contents
Saude soc. vol.16 no.2 São Paulo May/Aug. 2007

 Special Presentation
 ·  Cultural diversity and the challenges of brazilian indian health policy
Langdon, Esther Jean

 ·  Health and diversity
Munanga, Kabengele

 Part I - Articles
 ·  Participation and autonomy in the intercultural contexts of Indian Health: reflections from southern Brazil
Langdon, Esther Jean; Diehl, Eliana E.

 ·  Population recovery and fertility Among the Kamaiurá, Tupi people of the Alto Xingu, Central Brazil, 1970-2003
Pagliaro, Heloisa; Junqueira, Carmen

 ·  Health Policies, Therapeutic Plurality and Identity in Indigenous Amazonia
Gil, Laura Pérez

 ·  Minimum Income Program in the indian village Morro da Saudade in São Paulo, in the Period 2003-2004: analysis of an experience
Fabbri, Elizete Antelmi; Ribeiro, Helena

 ·  Prevalence of intestinal parasites and social-environmental aspects in an indigenous Community in the Iauaretê District, Municipality of São Gabriel da Cachoeira (State of Amazonas), Brazil
Rios, Leonardo; Cutolo, Silvana Audrá; Giatti, Leandro Luiz; Castro, Mário de; Rocha, Aristides Almeida; Toledo, Renata Ferraz de; Pelicioni, Maria Cecília Focesi; Barreira, Luciana Pranzetti; Santos, Jéferson Gaspar dos

 ·  Racial inequality in the mortality of adult women in Recife, 2001-2003
Santos, Sony Maria dos; Guimarães, Maria José Bezerra; Araújo, Thália Velho Barreto de

 ·  Infant mortality rates in quilombo areas of the Municipality of Santarém - Pará, Brazil
Guerrero, Ana Felisa Hurtado; Silva, Denise Oliveira e; Toledo, Luciano Medeiros de; Guerrero, José Camilo Hurtado; Teixeira, Pery

 ·  Sanitary and health conditions at Caiana dos Crioulos, a quilombo community in the State of Paraíba
Silva, José Antonio Novaes da

 ·  Sexual and reproductive rights: the conceptions of black and white women regarding freedom
Souzas, Raquel; Alvarenga, Augusta Thereza de

 ·  The "Faithful", the "Lover" and the "Charming Young Male": gender subjects in the racialized periphery
Pinho, Osmundo

 ·  Institutional Racism: a challenge to equity in the National Health System (SUS)?
Kalckmann, Suzana; Santos, Claudete Gomes dos; Batista, Luís Eduardo; Cruz, Vanessa Martins da

 Part II - Report on Experience
 ·  Extension summer courses on ethnic groups and Health at School of Public Health of USP, or the difference that needs to make a difference
Adorno, Rubens de Camargo Ferreira; Oliveira, Lavínia Santos de Souza

 ·  The implementation of the question regarding color/race in STD/AIDS services in the State of São Paulo
Giovanetti, Márcia Regina; Santos, Naila Janilde Seabra; Westin, Caio P.; Darré, Dulcimara; Gianna, Maria Clara

 ·  Religions and health: the experience of the National Network of Afro-Brazilian Religions and Health
Silva, José Marmo da

 Part III - Notes
 ·  "Racialization" of health policies? (notes on health policies for the black and indigenous populations)
Varga, István van Deursen

 Part IV - Testimory
 ·  The university dealing with the health of indigenous peoples: the Xingu Project experience of the Federal University of São Paulo/São Paulo's School of Medicine
Baruzzi, Roberto G.