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Saúde e Sociedade
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Table of contents
Saude soc. vol.17 no.1 São Paulo Jan./Mar. 2008

 Part I - Articles
 ·  National agenda 21 and sustainable development indicators: the brazilian context
Malheiros, Tadeu Fabricio; Phlippi Jr., Arlindo; Coutinho, Sonia Maria Viggiani

 ·  Health impacts due to deficient water access
Razzolini, Maria Tereza Pepe; Günther, Wanda Maria Risso

 ·  Factors of exposure, experience in the traffic and previous involvements in traffic accidents among college students of health courses, Ponta Grossa, PR, Brazil
Labiak, Valéria Beatris; Leite, Maysa de Lima; Virgens Filho, Jorim Sousa das; Stocco, Caroliny

 ·  Hospital Management: identifying learning practices in hospitals
Borba, Gustavo Severo de; Kliemann Neto, Francisco José

 ·  "Stepped-on like a floor-mat": human experience of hospital violence in the Northeast of Brazil
Gomes, Annatália Meneses de Amorim; Nations, Marilyn K.; Luz, Madel Therezinha

 ·  Approaching the Signs - Physiotherapy and Health - to the Human and Social Aspects
Salmória, Jordana Gargioni; Camargo, Wander Amaral

 ·  Medicines in the work routine of community healthcare workers from Santa Cecília basic healthcare unit in Porto Alegre, RS, Brazil
Nunes, Carla Cafarate; Amador, Tânia Alves; Heineck, Isabela

 ·  Social inclusion practices: professionals' social representations about the mental health assistance model
Leão, Adriana; Barros, Sônia

 ·  Knowledge and fostering of the female condom by professionals of the STD/HIV reference units of Fortaleza-CE: the female condom needs to get out of the shop windows
Oliveira, Nancy da Silva; Moura, Escolástica Rejane Ferreira; Guedes, Tatiane Gomes; Almeida, Paulo César de

 ·  The collective support network, a potential space for identity recovery: the nursing mother project
Guimarães, Marco Antonio Chagas; Podkameni, Angela Baraf

 ·  Structure and organization of children's work on the streets in Belo Horizonte, MG, Brazil
Cruz, Maria Núbia Alves; Assunção, Ada Ávila

 ·  Phenomenology, humanization and health promotion: an articulation proposal
Gomes, Annatália Meneses de Amorim; Paiva, Eliana Sales; Valdés, Maria Teresa Moreno; Frota, Mirna Albuquerque; Albuquerque, Conceição de Maria de

 ·  Health promotion: an instituing element?
Fernandez, Juan Carlos Aneiros; Andrade, Elisabete Agrela de; Pelicioni, Maria Cecília Focesi; Pereira, Isabel Maria Teixeira Bicudo

 Part II - Report on Experience
 ·  Problematization about elderly health promotion themes based on a dramatistic experience
Espírito Santo, Antônio Carlos Gomes do; Marques, Ana Paula de Oliveira; Leal, Márcia Carrera Campos; Mota, Sophia Karlla Almeida; Silva, Mário Roberto Agostinho da

 ·  Family health multiprofessional residency and the education of psychologists to work in basic care
Clemente, Anselmo; Matos, Damaris Roma; Grejanin, Danitielle K. Marques; Santos, Heloísa Elaine dos; Quevedo, Michele Peixoto; Massa, Paula Andrea