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Saúde e Sociedade
Print version ISSN 0104-1290


Table of contents
Saude soc. vol.17 no.2 São Paulo Apr./June 2008

 Special Presentation
 ·  Gender, body and knowledge
Oliveira, Eleonora Menicucci de

 Part I - Thematic Articles - Gender, Body and Knowledge
 ·  What do health rights mean for the GLBT population?Considering human, sexual and reproductive rights in the search for equity and integrality in the health system
Lionço, Tatiana

 ·  Sexuality and gender in magazines for Brazilian adolescents
Santos, Daniela Barsotti; Silva, Rosalina Carvalho da

 ·  The supposedly subaltern professions: the example of Brazilian nursing
Santos, Luiz Antonio de Castro; Faria, Lina

 ·  The nurse manager's identity features in private hospitals of Belo Horizonte, Brazil
Brito, Maria José Menezes; Lara, Maristela Oliveira; Soares, Elisângela Guimarães; Alves, Marília; Melo, Marlene Catarina de Oliveira Lopes

 ·  Gender, women's vulnerability to HIV/Aids and preventive actions at a neighborhood on the periphery of Teresina, Piauí, Brazil
Sousa, Maria da Consolação Pitanga de; Espírito Santo, Antônio Carlos Gomes do; Motta, Sophia Karlla Almeida

 ·  Men, gender and violence against women
Lima, Daniel Costa; Büchele, Fátima; Clímaco, Danilo de Assis

 ·  Women, madness and care: the condition of the woman that both receives and provides care in mental health
Pegoraro, Renata Fabiana; Caldana, Regina Helena Lima

 ·  Medicalization of elderly females and interaction with consumption of tranquilizers
Mendonça, Reginaldo Teixeira; Carvalho, Antônio Carlos Duarte de; Vieira, Elisabeth Meloni; Adorno, Rubens de Camargo Ferreira

 ·  Maternal health policies in Brazil: relations to maternal and child health indicators
Santos Neto, Edson Theodoro dos; Alves, Kelly Cristina Gomes; Zorzal, Martha; Lima, Rita de Cássia Duarte

 ·  Communication in the prevention of cervix uteri cancer: the importance of historical cultural influences and of feminine sexuality in the adhesion to campaigns
Cruz, Luciana Maria Britto da; Loureiro, Regina Pimentel

 Part II - Articles
 ·  The meaning of prenatal care for pregnant women: an experience in the city of Campo Grande, Brazil
Duarte, Sebastião Junior Henrique; Andrade, Sônia Maria Oliveira de

 ·  The opening of privacy and the secrecy of HIV/Aids information concerning women assisted by the Family Health Program in the City of São Paulo, Brazil
Abdalla, Fernanda Tavares de Mello; Nichiata, Lúcia Yasuko Izumi

 ·  It changed everything! The impact of the stroke on the family
Brito, Eliana Sales; Rabinovich, Elaine Pedreira

 ·  State and market: adversaries or allies in the implementation of the National Food and Nutrition Policy? Some reflections on regulation measures
Pinheiro, Anelise Rizzolo de Oliveira; Carvalho, Denise Bomtempo Birche de

 ·  Health Surveillance: should it be a public policy?
Fracolli, Lislaine A.; Faria, Liliam S.; Pereira, Juliana Guisardi; Melchior, Rosemara; Bertolozzi, Maria Rita

 ·  Medical sociology, sociology of health or social medicine? A comparative analysis between France and Brazil
Montagner, Miguel Ângelo

 Part III - Report on an Experience
 ·  Transvestites in the Family Health Program of Lapa
Romano, Valéria Ferreira

 ·  Stories of life and pain: storytellers workshops
Meneghel, Stela Nazareth; Farina, Olga; Silva, Luciano Bairros da; Walter, Leandro; Brito, Sarita Gisele; Selli, Lucilda; Schneider, Vânia