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Saúde e Sociedade
Print version ISSN 0104-1290


Table of contents
Saude soc. vol.18 no.2 São Paulo Apr./June 2009

 Part I - Articles
 ·  Social Capital and the National Health System (SUS) in Brazil
Bastos, Francisco Avelar; Santos, Everton; Tovo, Maximiano Ferreira

 ·  Beyond primary care: reorganization of SUS through the intersection of the political and economic sectors
Göttems, Leila Bernardo Donato; Pires, Maria Raquel Gomes Maia

 ·  Investigation of efficiency levels in the use of resources in the health sector: an analysis of the micro-regions of Minas Gerais
Fonseca, Poty Colaço; Ferreira, Marco Aurélio Marques

 ·  Municipal performance in the public administration of Programa Bolsa Família: analysis of the decentralized management index in Minas Gerais
Monteiro, Doraliza Auxiliadora Abranches; Ferreira, Marco Aurélio Marques; Teixeira, Karla Maria Damiano

 ·  Critical analysis of the Brazilian Charter of Integrated Prevention in the Field of Health in the Perspective of Physical Education through the radical focus of health promotion
Carvalho, Fabio F. B. de

 ·  Manifestation of suffering and resistance to the illness process in work management
Brant, Luiz Carlos; Minayo-Gomez, Carlos

 ·  Dynamics of domestic violence: an analysis from the perspective of the attacked woman and her partner's discourses
Deeke, Leila Platt; Boing, Antonio Fernando; Oliveira, Walter Ferreira de; Coelho, Elza Berger Salema

 ·  Life histories stories of homeless people, social exclusion situations and transforming encounters
Alvarez, Aparecida Magali de Souza; Alvarenga, Augusta Thereza de; Della Rina, Silvia Cristiane de S. A.

 ·  Existential meaning of the past, and human longevity
Patrício, Karina Pavão; Hoshino, Katsumasa; Ribeiro, Helena

 ·  Family care providers of neurologically affected patients
Schnaider, Taylor Brandão; Silva, José Vitor da; Pereira, Maria Aparecida dos Reis

 ·  Community's perception towards the performance of Pharmaceutical Service Care in the health education actions related to rational medicine use
Vinholes, Eduardo Rocha; Alano, Graziela Modolon; Galato, Dayani

 ·  Complexity of Collective Health field: knowledge and practice multidisciplinarity, interdisciplinarity, and transdisciplinarity - a paradigmatic trajectory socio-historical analysis
Luz, Madel T.

 ·  Health risk in contaminated area: social theoretical contributions
Araujo, Joyce Maria de; Günther, Wanda Maria Risso

 ·  Predictors of non-adherence to the prescribed follow-up in women with high-grade squamous intraepithelial lesion (HSIL)
Nascimento, Maria Isabel do; Koifman, Rosalina Jorge; Mattos, Inês Echemique; Monteiro, Gina Torres Rego

 Part II - Report on Experience
 ·  Integration devices of the mental health care network: the experience of Serviço de Saúde Dr. Cândido Ferreira
Zambenedetti, Gustavo

 ·  Corporal practices/physical activity and public policies of health promotion
Moretti, Andrezza C.; Almeida, Vanessa; Westphal, Márcia Faria; Bógus, Claudia M.