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Saúde e Sociedade
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Table of contents
Saude soc. vol.18 no.4 São Paulo Oct./Dec. 2009

 Part I - Articles
 ·  Health and illness in Mozambique
Granjo, Paulo

 ·  Rebuilding memories: young refugees in Portugal
Santinho, Maria Cristina

 ·  Biopolitics of depression in African immigrants
Pussetti, Chiara

 ·  Brazilian Health Plan and the dispute over the social place
Guimarães, Raul Borges; Ribeiro, Eduardo Augusto Werneck

 ·  Theoretical-methodological options in qualitative research: social representations and discourse of the collective subject
Duarte, Sebastião Junior Henrique; Mamede, Marli Villela; Andrade, Sônia Maria Oliveira de

 ·  Jornal da Paulista: the configuration of a university newspaper in a historical perspective
Teixeira, Carlos Antonio; Silva, Márcia Regina Barros da; Gallian, Dante Marcello Claramonte

 ·  Representations of dock workers from Santos-SP concerning the relation between work and health
Machin, Rosana; Couto, Márcia Thereza; Rossi, Cintia Cristina Silva

 ·  Adaptive skills developed by young people with Down Syndrome included and not included in the labor market
Gomes-Machado, Maria Luiza; Chiari, Brasilia Maria

 ·  Employment and occupational accidents in the slaughterhouse industry in expansion areas of agribusiness, Mato Grosso, Brasil
Vasconcellos, Marly de Cerqueira; Pignatti, Marta Gislene; Pignati, Wanderlei Antonio

 ·  Vocal problems at work: prevention in the teaching practice according to the teacher's view
Luchesi, Karen Fontes; Mourão, Lucia Figueiredo; Kitamura, Satoshi; Nakamura, Helenice Yemi

 ·  Modern factory and dietary pattern: the space of work, consumption and health
Viana, Solange Veloso

 ·  Male reproductive and sexual health in Francisco Morato: the discourse of health professionals, managers and administrators
Ribeiro, Tiago Noel

 ·  The role of women from popular groups in Manaus concerning health care production
Gutierrez, Denise Machado Duran; Minayo, Maria Cecília de Souza

 ·  Friendship and politicization of social support networks: reflections from a NGO/AIDS study in the great São Paulo area
Silva, Carlos Roberto de Castro e

 ·  Empowerment: strengthening process of subjects in spaces of social participation and political democratization
Kleba, Maria Elisabeth; Wendausen, Agueda

 ·  The community health agent's praxis in the context of the family health program: strategic reflections
Gomes, Karine de Oliveira; Cotta, Rosângela Minardi Mitre; Cherchiglia, Mariângela Leal; Mitre, Sandra Minardi; Batista, Rodrigo Siqueira

 ·  Encephalitis on the south coast of the State of São Paulo: the emergence of the epidemic and the response of the written media
Villela, Edlaine Faria De Moura; Natal, Delsio

 ·  Symbolic violence in the health field: reporting a case of spiritual cure in a hybrid therapeutic space
Puttini, Rodolfo Franco

 Part II - Report on Experience
 ·  Health program for elders at primary health care centers
Ferreira, Aleksandro Belo; Minann, Carlos André; Paganini, Camila Bianca Lecciolle; Falce, Thiago Souza La; Todeschini, Alexandre Bossi; Eras, Aline Estefanes; Chekin, Giovana; Motta, Bruno Ribeiro; Carneiro Junior, Nivaldo

 ·  Prevention of sexually transmitted diseases and acquisition of emergency contraception at pharmacies in the city of São Paulo
Bastos, Silvia; Bonfim, José Ruben de Alcântara; Kalckmann, Suzana; Figueiredo, Regina; Fernandes, Maria Eugênia Lemos

 ·  Dermatúnel: a model of interactive learning environment in dermatology
Paixão, Maurício Pedreira; Miot, Hélio Amante; Oliveira Filho, Jayme de; Wen, Chao Lung