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Saúde e Sociedade
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Table of contents
Saude soc. vol.19 no.1 São Paulo Jan./Mar. 2010

 Part I - Articles
 ·  The interdisciplinary dialogue while dealing with risks: limits and possibilities
Jeolás, Leila Sollberger

 ·  The community of Pau Rosa/Amazonas and the relationship between nature, culture and the health/disease process
Nogueira, Ana Cláudia Fernandes; Mainbourg, Evelyne Marie Therese

 ·  Model of organization of indicators for operationalizing the social-environmental determinants of health
Sobral, André; Freitas, Carlos Machado de

 ·  Sugarcane burning and perspectives for harvesters in Macatuba, São Paulo
Ribeiro, Helena; Ficarelli, Thomas Ribeiro de Aquino

 ·  Malaria infection and the anthropological evolution
Sabbatani, Sergio; Manfredi, Roberto; Fiorino, Sirio

 ·  Influence of climatic variables on the incidence of meningitis and its space distribution in the city of Ponta Grossa-PR, 2001-2005
Stocco, Caroliny; Leite, Maysa de Lima; Labiak, Valéria Beatris; Virgens Filho, Jorim Sousa das; Nascimento, Éderson

 ·  Identities in crisis: migrants, emotions and mental health in Portugal
Pussetti, Chiara

 ·  Analysis of public policies for combating sexual violence against children and adolescents
Paixão, Ana Cristina Wanderley da; Deslandes, Suely Ferreira

 ·  Integrality in a social protection network for adolescents: a reflection based on Giles Lipovetsky's thought
Vieira, Sandro da Rocha; Rosenburg, Cornélio Pedroso

 ·  Health, practical reason and symbolic dimension of internet usages: ethnographic notes on the meanings attributed to reproduction
Vargas, Eliane Portes

 ·  Analysis of non-physicians' exercise of competences for midwifery care
Narchi, Nádia Zanon

 ·  The family health program: motivation, training and work according to physicians acting at three districts of the city of Duque de Caxias, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Silva, Ana Caroline de Medina Alves e; Villar, Maria Auxiliadora Monteiro; Cardoso, Maria Helena Cabral de Almeida; Wuillaume, Susana Maciel

 ·  New perspectives on the management of the Spanish national health system
Sacardo, Daniele Pompei; Fortes, Paulo Antonio de Carvalho; Tanaka, Oswaldo Yoshimi

 ·  Social implications of acquired hearing impairment in adults
Francelin, Madalena Aparecida Silva; Motti, Telma Flores Genaro; Morita, Ione

 ·  Public health in Physical Education undergraduate courses
Pasquim, Heitor Martins

 Part II - Report on Experience
 ·  Integrality in the care provided for maternal and child health in a rural context: an experience report
Beheregaray, Livia Rocha; Gerhardt, Tatiana Engel

 ·  Health care team's reports on educational practices for road traffic victims during hospitalization/rehabilitation in an emergency hospital
Vieira, Luiza Jane Eyre de Souza; Souza, Edinilsa Ramos de; Xavier, Érika Porto; Lira, Samira Valentim Gama; Ferreira, Renata Carneiro