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Saúde e Sociedade
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Table of contents
Saude soc. vol.19 no.3 São Paulo July/Sept. 2010

 Part I - Articles
 ·  Smokers in an anti-tobacco world: reflections on risks and social exclusion
Spink, Mary Jane P.

 ·  Complementary medicine in the SUS: integrative practices in the perspective of medical Anthropology
Andrade, João Tadeu de; Costa, Liduina Farias Almeida da

 ·  Twenty years of SUS: reflections in a context of changes
Souza, Georgia Costa de Araújo; Costa, Iris do Céu Clara

 ·  (Im)possibilities of implementing an unified health services management in the Brazilian National Health System (SUS) in a large municipality: the case of São Paulo city, Brazil
Pinto, Nicanor R. S.; Spedo, Sandra Maria; Tanaka, Oswaldo Yoshimi

 ·  The intramunicipal regionalization of the Brazilian National Health System (SUS): a case study in the city of São Paulo (SP), Brazil
Spedo, Sandra Maria; Pinto, Nicanor Rodrigues da Silva; Tanaka, Oswaldo Yoshimi

 ·  Primary health care management in oral health in Fortaleza, Ceará, between 1999 and 2006
Lessa, Caroline Ferreira Martins; Vettore, Mario Vianna

 ·  Considerations on evaluation of health facilities management under the model of Social Organizations of Health: the case of Grajaú General Hospital
Tibério, Amanda Alves; Souza, Erica Macedo; Sarti, Flávia Mori

 ·  (De)construction of the mental health care model in the composition of professional practices and services
Quinderé, Paulo Henrique Dias; Jorge, Maria Salete Bessa

 ·  Families: workers' social representations of the Family Health Strategy
Pereira, Patrícia Jimenez; Bourget, Monique

 ·  Coverage Extension or Reorganization of Primary Health Care? The Implementation of the Family Health Program in the City of Manaus, State of Amazonas
Silva, Nair Chase da; Garnelo, Luiza; Giovanella, Ligia

 ·  Home visiting in the Family Health Strategy: investigating families' perceptions
Cruz, Mariene Mirian; Bourget, Monique Marie Marthe

 ·  Evaluation of care provided for people with arterial hypertension in Family Health Strategy Services
Helena, Ernani Tiaraju de Santa; Nemes, Maria Ines Battistella; Eluf-Neto, José

 ·  Differences in the adherence to tuberculosis treatment in relation to sex in the health district of Freguesia do Ó/ Brasilândia - São Paulo
Queiroz, Raquel; Nogueira, Péricles Alves

 ·  Network management of sus and the new medicine production policy
Trevisan, Leonardo; Junqueira, Luciano A. Prates

 ·  Drug storage at home in the community assisted by the Family Health Programme in Ibiá, MG, Brazil
Ribeiro, Maria Ângela; Heineck, Isabela

 ·  The construction of medical records as the expression of health professionals' practice
Mesquita, Ana Maria Otoni; Deslandes, Suely Ferreira

 ·  Habits related to the post-consumption discard of mobile phones and their batteries within an academic community
Giaretta, Juliana Barbosa Zuquer; Tanigushi, Daniel Gouveia; Sergent, Marcela Tashiro; Vasconcellos, Maria da Penha; Günther, Wanda Maria Risso

 ·  The influence of framing on health-related behaviors: an experimental test
Mayer, Verônica Feder; Avila, Marcos Gonçalves

 ·  Translation and brazilian adaptation of the Parental-Caregiver Perceptions Questionnaire (P-CPQ)
Barbosa, Taís de Souza; Steiner-Oliveira, Carolina; Gavião, Maria Beatriz Duarte

 Part II - Report on Experience
 ·  The Family Health Strategy focused on access equity and targeted at the homeless population living in large urban centers
Carneiro Junior, Nivaldo; Jesus, Christiane Herold de; Crevelim, Maria Angélica

 ·  Pharmaceutical Care in Goiânia: inclusion of the pharmacist in the Family Health Strategy
Provin, Mércia Pandolfo; Campos, Andréa de Paula; Nielson, Sylvia Escher de Oliveira; Amaral, Rita Goreti