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Saúde e Sociedade
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Table of contents
Saude soc. vol.20 no.1 São Paulo Jan./Mar. 2011

 Special Presentation
 ·  The contribution of the Social and Human Sciences to health research, teaching and education
Alvarenga, Augusta Thereza de; Vasconcellos, Maria da Penha; Adorno, Rubens de Camargo Ferreira

 Part 1 - 2nd São Paulo's Meeting of Social and Human Sciences
 ·  About the presence of social and human sciences in public health
Canesqui, Ana Maria

 ·  Specificity of the contribution of the knowledge and practices of the Social and Human Sciences to health
Luz, Madel Therezinha

 ·  Contemporary issues concerning nature and culture: brief comments on public health and sociology in Brazil
Ianni, Aurea Maria Zöllner

 ·  Teaching medical Anthropology to undergraduate students: an experience
Cohn, Clarice

 ·  The postgraduate student's education in the contemporary world in the daily routine of research
Barros, Nelson Filice de; Spadacio, Cristiane

 ·  Reflecting about interdisciplinary post-graduation education
Martin, Denise

 ·  On bodies and crossings: the great division and the field of health
Pereira, Pedro Paulo Gomes

 ·  Social markers of difference in the experiences of transvestites coping with AIDS
Pelúcio, Larissa

 ·  To live and think beyond the margins: perspectives, agencing and mismatches in the field of public health
Adorno, Rubens de Camargo Ferreira; Vasconcellos, Maria da Penha; Alvarenga, Augusta Thereza de

 ·  The ethnographic method in health researches: an anthropological thinking
Nakamura, Eunice

 ·  A replicating science: the absence of a discussion about method, ethics and discourse
Víctora, Ceres Gomes

 Part II - Articles
 ·  Ambiguity and contradictions in the assistance provided for women who suffer violence
Villela, Wilza Vieira; Vianna, Lucila A. Carneiro; Lima, Lia Fernanda Pereira; Sala, Danila C. Paquier; Vieira, Thais Fernanda; Vieira, Mariana Lima; Oliveira, Eleonora Menicucci de

 ·  Violence against women in the daily routine of the health services: challenges for medical education
Pedrosa, Claudia Mara; Spink, Mary Jane Paris

 ·  Study about domestic violence against children in primary health care units in São Paulo - Brazil
Ramos, Martha Lucia Cabrera Ortiz; Silva, Ana Lúcia da

 ·  Health professionals' views about domestic violence against children and teenagers: a qualitative study
Andrade, Elisa Meireles; Nakamura, Eunice; Paula, Cristiane Silvestre de; Nascimento, Rosimeire do; Bordin, Isabel A.; Martin, Denise

 ·  Between coldness, calculation and "crazy life": violence and suffering in an adolescent's trajectory while complying with a social-educational measure
Malvasi, Paulo Artur

 ·  He does not want it with condom and I want to protect myself: exposure of female adolescents to STD/AIDS in the semi-arid region of the Brazilian northeast
Sampaio, Juliana; Santos, Roseléia Carneiro dos; Callou, Jayce Layana Lopes; Souza, Bruna Barreto Cunha

 ·  Masculinities and health practices in the metropolitan area of Belo Horizonte - MG
Nascimento, Adriano Roberto Afonso do; Trindade, Zeidi Araújo; Gianordoli-Nascimento, Ingrid Faria; Pereira, Fernanda Bicalho; Silva, Sara Angélica Teixeira da Cruz; Cerello, Alessandra Craig

 ·  Emergency Room: the role of the accompanying person
Sousa, Liliana; Almeida, Assunção; Simões, Carlos Jorge

 ·  Social networks and sexual behaviour: towards a relational approach to sexuality, risk-taking behaviour and prevention practices
Aboim, Sofia

 ·  Socio-environmental indicators for dengue surveillance in the local level
Flauzino, Regina Fernandes; Souza-Santos, Reinaldo; Oliveira, Rosely Magalhães de

 ·  The construction of metaphors and adjectivations about disease in the press: the case of the dengue epidemic in Cordoba during April 2009
Drovetta, Raquel Irene; Eynard, Martín

 ·  Early intervention of physiotherapy in pectus excavatum: two clinical cases in pediatrics
Schivinski, Camila Isabel Santos; Richiardi, Janially; Reis, Juliana Thais da Silva; Antonelli, Milena; Ribeiro, Maria Ângela Gonçalves de Oliveira

 ·  Homenagem ao Mestre Sternberg
Ribeiro, Helena