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Saúde e Sociedade
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Table of contents
Saude soc. vol.21 no.3 São Paulo July/Sept. 2012

 ·  Mental health and the social-judicial field: the "state of the art of debate" with the psychiatric reform
Mathes, Priscilla Gomes; Silva, Felipe Basso

 ·  Dealing with mental illness - the plurality of care systems and of therapeutic itineraries: a comparative analysis of two studies carried out in Portugal
Alves, Fátima; Bäckström, Bárbara

 ·  The process of recovery in the perspective of persons with schizophrenia spectrum disorders and of psychiatrists working at psychosocial health care services
Lopes, Tatiana Scala; Dahl, Catarina Magalhães; Serpa Jr, Octavio Domont de; Leal, Erotildes M.; Campos, Rosana T. Onocko; Diaz, Alberto Giovanello

 ·  Territory and community mental health service: conceptions present in the discourses of the actors of the process of Brazilian psychiatric reform
Leão, Adriana; Barros, Sônia

 ·  Therapeutic project at extra-hospital mental health services: a critical reflection on the elaboration and management of services' therapeutic projects
Fiorati, Regina Célia; Saeki, Toyoko

 ·  The interlocution of mental health with primary care in the city of Vitoria - ES
Rodrigues, Euzilene da Silva; Moreira, Maria Inês Badaró

 ·  Survey on drug use and vulnerabilities among students from public schools participating in the school health program / ​​health and prevention in schools in the city of Florianópolis
Giacomozzi, Andréia Isabel; Itokasu, Maria Cristina; Luzardo, Adriana Remião; Figueiredo, Camila Detoni Sá de; Vieira, Mariana

 ·  Assistance and care provided for teenage pregnancies in the family, in public policies and in the society: a literature review
Pariz, Juliane; Mengarda, Celito Francisco; Frizzo, Giana Bitencourt

 ·  Community health agents and care provided for youths' sexual and reproductive health in the family health strategy
Bellenzani, Renata; Santos, Alessandro de Oliveira dos; Paiva, Vera

 ·  Suicide thoughts and attempts of suicide in adolescents with hetero and homoerotic sexual practices
Teixeira-Filho, Fernando Silva; Rondini, Carina Alexandra

 ·  Self-organisation and psychotherapy
Pena, Liliana; Oliveira, Clara Costa

 ·  Repercussions of care in the life of family caregivers of elderlies with Alzheimer's disease
Oliveira, Ana Paula Pessoa de; Caldana, Regina Helena Lima

 ·  What do professionals have to say about the demand and humanization of health services
Junges, José Roque; Barbiani, Rosangela; Fernandes, Raquel Brondisia Panizzi; Prudente, Jessica; Schaefer, Rafaela; Kolling, Vanessa

 ·  Living the terminal state of a family member: salutogenic interpretation of the results of a case study
Oliveira, Clara Costa; Costa, Ana Lúcia

 ·  Cross cultural adaptation: Multidimensional Orientation Toward Dying and Death Inventory (MODDI-F) to the Brazilian reality
Olivas, Marcos Antônio de; Silva, José Vitor da; Santos, Franklin Santana

 ·  In the struggles with death, doctors are not alone
Falcão, Eliane Brígida Morais

 ·  Concepts associated with health from the perspective of sustainable development
Ríos-Osorio, Leonardo Alberto; Salas-Zapata, Walter Alfredo; Ortiz-Lobato, Manuel

 ·  The construction of the healthy "Habitat-Action" through a theoretical-methodological framework from the field of the semiotics of the built environment
Cohen, Simone Cynamon; Barcelos, Mara Rejane Barroso

 ·  Economic cost of air pollution in Cubatão - SP based on health expenses related to diseases of the respiratory and circulatory systems
Tayra, Flávio; Ribeiro, Helena; Nardocci, Adelaide de Cássia

 ·  The environmental theme in representations and practices of family health professionals in the municipality of Manaus - state of Amazonas /Brazil
Mendonça, Raimunda das Chagas; Giatti, Leandro Luiz; Toledo, Renata Ferraz de

 ·  Stress and Ways of Walking Through Life: a contribution of Canguilhem to the understanding of the General Adaptation Syndrome
Santos, Maurici Tadeu Ferreira dos; Gomes, Mara H. de Andréa