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Table of contents
Polímeros vol.12 no.4 São Carlos Oct./Dec. 2002

 Seção Editorial
 ·  Mensagem do Presidente da ABPol
Jafelice, Domingos

 ·  Editorial

 ·  Polímeros do futuro: Tendências e oportunidades
Cordebello, Fátima S.

 ·  Notícias de Eventos
Wiebeck, Hélio

 Seção Técnica
 ·  Impact Strength and Other Properties of Lignocellulosic Composites: Phenolic Thermoset Matrices Reinforced with Sugarcane Bagasse Fibers
Tita, Sandra P. S.; Paiva, Jane M. F. de; Frollini, Elisabete

 ·  Contribution of Quality Programs for Competitiveness: A Case Study for the Brazilian Market of Polypropylene
Carvalho, José Luiz M. de; Toledo, José Carlos de

 ·  Polyurethane Aqueous Dispersions Synthesis and Characterization Based on Hydroxy-terminated Polybutadiene and Different Diisocianates
Coutinho, Fernanda M. B.; Delpech, Marcia C.; Alves, Thais L.; Gomes, Ailton S.

 ·  Real-time Determination of the Residence Time Distribution During Reactive Processing of Polymer Blends
Mélo, Tomás J. A. de; Canevarolo Jr, Sebastião V.

        · abstract in English | Portuguese     · text in Portuguese
 ·  Modeling and Simulation of Thermal and Photoinitiated Polymerization of Diethylene Glycol Bis(Allyl Carbonate) for Optical Applications
Brogna, Fábio M. S.; Ravagnani, Sergio P.

 ·  New Methodology to Identify the Components in Commercial Paints
Dutra, Rita C. L.; Takahashi, Marta F. K.; Diniz, Milton F.

 ·  Polymer Production by Plasma Polymerization of Oxygenated Organic Compounds
Nascimento Filho, Antonio P.; Silva, Maria L. P.; Demarquette, Nicole R.

 ·  Degradation of Poly (L-Lactic Acid) (PLLA) and Poly-p-Dioxanone (PPD) Blends Prepared by Casting: In Vitro Study
Pezzin, Ana P. T.; Zavaglia, Cecília A. C.; Duek, Eliana A. R.

 ·  Rheological and dynamic properties of unvulcanized natural rubber and regenerated cellulose compositions
Martins, Agnes F.; Visconte, Leila L.Y.; Nunes, Regina C.R.

 ·  The Use of Mercapto-Modified EVA as Compatibilizing Agent for NBR/EPDM Blends
Oliveira, Marcia G.; Soares, Bluma G.

 ·  Evaluation of PHB, PHB-V and PCL biodegradation in composted soil
Rosa, Derval S.; Chui, Queenie Siu Hang; Pantano Filho, Rubens; Agnelli, José Augusto M.

 ·  Rheological Study of Paints Based on Polyurethane and PAni-DBSA and its Application as Microwave Absorbing Materials (8 - 12 GHz)
Biscaro, Rogério S.; Botelho, Edson C.; Takahashi, Marta F. K.; Faez, Roselena; Rezende, Mirabel C.