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Polímeros vol.15 no.1 São Carlos Jan./Mar. 2005

 Seção Editorial
 ·  Mensagem do presidente da ABPol
Jafelice, Domingos

 ·  Editorial

 ·  Brasilplast: presença brasileira entre os maiores e melhores
Cordebello, Fátima S.

 Seção Técnica
 ·  Relationships between mechanical properties and structural parameters of polyurethanes containing poly(e-caprolactone)
Kloss, Juliana; Bugay, Caroline; Akcelrud, Leni; Zawadzki, Sônia F.; Wang, Shu-Hui

 ·  Effect of crosslinking agents on chitosan microspheres in controlled release of diclofenac sodium
Gonçalves, Vanessa L.; Laranjeira, Mauro C. M.; Fávere, Valfredo T.; Pedrosa, Rozângela C.

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 ·  Bioresorbable polymers in tissue engineering
Barbanti, Samuel H.; Zavaglia, Cecília A. C.; Duek, Eliana A. R.

 ·  Water and vapor permeability at different temperatures of poly (3-Hydroxybutyrate) dense membranes
Poley, Luiz H.; Silva, Marcelo G. da; Vargas, Helion; Siqueira, Marcelo O.; Sánchez, Rubén

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 ·  Chemical modification of post consumer poly(ethylene terephthalate) by sulfuric acid reaction: structure and properties
Alonso, Janaína G.; Molina, Elisabeth C.; Muniz, Edvani C.; Rubira, Adley F.; Carvalho, Gizilene M. de

 ·  Evaluation of surface polarity of nylons by fluorescence spectroscopy
Baldi, Leonardo D. C.; Atvars, Teresa D. Z.

 ·  Effect of electron donors on the polymerization of butadiene with Ziegler-Natta catalysts based on neodymium
Rocha, Tereza C. J.; Soares, Bluma G.; Coutinho, Fernanda M. B.; Costa, Marcos A. S.

 ·  Compatibility and thermal stability studies on plasticized PVC/PMMA blend polymer electrolytes complexed with different lithium salts
Elizabeth, R. Nimma; Kalyanasundaram, S.; Saito, Yuria; Stephan, A. Manuel

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 ·  A new approach for simulation of viscoelastic fluid flows
Muniz, André R.; Secchi, Argimiro R.; Cardozo, Nilo S. M.

 ·  Acetylation of loofah fiber (Luffa cylindrica)
d'Almeida, Ana L. F. S.; Calado, Verônica; Barreto, Daniel W.; d'Almeida, José R. M.

 ·  Effect of PSSNa as admixture in mortars and concrete of cement portand CPV32
Royer, Betina; Assunção, Rosana M. N.; Rodrigues Fº, Guimes; Motta, Leila A. C.

 ·  Low cost capillary rheometer and self-reinforcement module
Morita, Augusto T.; Toma, Mário S.; De Paoli, Marco-Aurelio

 ·  Characterization of ethylene-vinyl acetate copolymer (EVA) residues
Zattera, Ademir J.; Bianchi, Otávio; Zeni, Mara; Ferreira, Carlos A.