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Polímeros vol.15 no.3 São Carlos July/Sept. 2005

 Seção Editorial
 ·  Mensagem do Presidente da ABPol
Jafelice, Domingos

 ·  Editorial

 ·  Instituto Alan G. MacDiarmid de inovação e negócios

 Seção Técnica
 ·  Effect of the molecular weight and polyurethane content on mechanical properties of poly(methyl methacrylate)/polyurethane mixtures
Pinto, Ubirajara F.; Monteiro, Elisabeth E. C.

 ·  Blown films of post-consumer thermoplastic composites: thermal and mechanical analyses
Santana, Ruth M. C.; Manrich, Sati

 ·  HDPE composites with textile fibers waste. Part I: mechanical characterization
Finkler, Maira; Scapini, Patrícia; Freire, Estevão; J. Zattera, Ademir; Zeni, Mara

 ·  Evolution of phase morphology of PA6/AES blends during the twin screw extrusion and injection molding processes
Bassani, Adriane; Hage Jr, Elias; Pessan, Luiz A.; Machado, Ana V; Covas, José A.

 ·  Evaluation of sulfonic resins as catalysts in transesterification of vegetable oils
Rezende, Simone M. de; Soares, Bluma G; Coutinho, Fernanda M. B.; Reis, Simone C. M. dos; Reid, Marcelli G.; Lachter, Elizabeth R.; Nascimento, Regina S. V.

 ·  Analyses of microstructural properties of VA/VeoVA copolymer modified cement pastes
Gomes, Carlos Eduardo M.; Ferreira, Osny P.

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 ·  Simultaneous and time resolved X-ray scattering and differential Scanning calorimetry experiments (SAXS/WAXD/DSC) using synchrotron radiation
Plivelic, Tomás S.; Cassu, Silvana N.; Gonçalves, Maria do Carmo; Torriani, Iris L.

 ·  Study of the properties of PVC modified through substitution by alkyl and benzyl groups
Vinhas, G. M; Souto-Maior, Rosa M.; Almeida, Yeda M. B. de

 ·  Preparation and characterization of aliphatic ionene-modified organobentonite
Costa Filho, Arão P.; Gomes, Ailton S.; Lucas, Elizabete F.

 ·  Kinetics and equilibrium of adsorption of oxyanions Cr (VI), Mo (VI) and Se (VI) by quaternary ammonium chitosan salt
Spinelli, Viviane A.; Laranjeira, Mauro C. M.; Fávere, Valfredo T.; Kimura, Irene Y

 ·  Establishment of cure cycle of aeronautic prepregs
Costa, Michelle L.; Rezende, Mirabel C.; Botelho, Edson C.

 ·  Poly (lactide-co-glycolide) membranes as skin repair: in vitro and in vivo degradation
Rezende, Camila A.; Luchesi, Carolina; Barbo, Maria de Lourdes P.; Duek, Eliana A. R.