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Polímeros vol.21 no.4 São Carlos  2011

 Seção Editorial
 ·  Mensagem do Presidente da ABPol
Álvares, Dellyo Ricardo S.

 ·  Editorial

 Seção Técnica
 ·  Influence of chemical structure of co-monomer on thermomechanical and durability of adhesive joints to the action of the water
González Garcia, Filiberto; Leyva, Maria E.; de Queiroz, Alvaro A. A.

 ·  Development of membrane and freestanding film as of polyaniline: synthesis, characterization and application
Müller, Franciélli; Ferreira, Carlos A.; Amado, Franco D. Rico; Rodrigues, Marco A. S.

 ·  SBR-based polymeric adhesives: influence of different types of adhesion promoting agents
Pinto, Mauro E. C. B.; Visconte, Leila L. Y.; Nunes, Regina C. R.; Luz, Rinaldo F.

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 ·  Obtainment and characterization of composites using polystyrene as matrix and fiber waste from cotton textile industry as reinforcement
Borsoi, Cleide; Scienza, Lisete C; Zattera, Ademir J; Angrizani, Clarissa C

 ·  Whiskers from sisal fibers obtained under different acid hydrolysis conditions: effect of time and temperature of extraction
Teodoro, Kelcilene B. R.; Teixeira, Eliangela de M.; Corrêa, Ana C.; Campos, Adriana de; Marconcini, José M.; Mattoso, Luiz H. C.

 ·  Biodegradable synthetic polymers: raw-materials and production methods of microparticles for drug delivery and controlled release
Severino, Patrícia; Santana, Maria Helena A.; Pinho, Samantha C.; Souto, Eliana B.

 ·  Physico-mechanical, thermal and morphological Behaviour of simultaneous interpenetrating polymer networks based on polyurethane from modified castor oiland starch/poly(Methyl Methacrylate)
Valero, Manuel F.; Pulido, Jorge E.; Ramírez, Álvaro; Camargo, Diana C.; Navas, Daniel

 ·  Evaluation of [tetrabutyl ammonium bis(4-methylphenyldithiocarbimatezincate-2)] as accelerator in vulcanization process of polybutadiene elastomer
Santos, Leonardo F. V. dos; Mariano, Roberta M.; Pacheco, Élen B. A. V.; Canto, Leonardo B.; Visconte, Leila L. Y.; Oliveira, Marcelo R. L.; Rubinger, Mayura M. M.

 ·  Alginate production by microorganisms
Müller, José Miguel; Santos, Renata Lopes dos; Brigido, Riveli Vieira

 ·  Synthesis and characterization of butadiene-1,3 and octene-1 copolymer prepared by a Ziegler-Natta catalyst based on neodymium
Silva, Gustavo M.; Coutinho, Fernanda M. B.; Mello, Ivana L.; Costa, Marcos A. S.; Junger, Daniele F. C.

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 ·  Aqueous dispersions based on nanocomposites of polyurethanes and hydrophilic brasilian clays: synthesis and characterization
Delpech, Marcia C; Miranda, Gisele S; Espírito Santo, Wagner L

 ·  A survey on olefins polymerization using heterogeneous Ziegler-Natta catalysts
Machado, Fabricio; Pinto, José Carlos

 ·  Recycling of aluminum metallic film polymeric packaging by chemical processing
Dal Bó, Marcelo; Cardoso, Antônio P. G; Tancredo, Ciana; Mergen, Isaura Z; Doneda, Raquel N; Novaes, Adelamar F; Faria, Débora C. de

 ·  Recycled polymers for food contact
Cruz, Sandra A.; Oliveira, Éder C.; Oliveira, Fernando C. S. de; Garcia, Pâmela S.; Kaneko, Manuela L. Q. A.