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Educar em Revista
On-line version ISSN 1984-0411


Table of contents
Educ. rev.  no.se1 Curitiba  2011

 Dossiê: Psicologia da Educação Matemática
 ·  Apresentação
Soares, Maria Tereza Carneiro; Moro, Maria Lucia Faria

 ·  Long term and short term in mathematics learning
Vergnaud, Gérard

 ·  Psychology of mathematics education: a point of view
Brito, Márcia Regina Ferreira de

 ·  Intervention research in the psychology of mathematics education: conceptual and methodological aspects
Fávero, Maria Helena

 ·  Research inside the primary school mathematics classroom: theoretical Contributions from Psychology
Magina, Sandra

 ·  The written text of mathematical word problems and the success of solution: the intuitive understanding of combinatorics
Correa, Jane; Oliveira, Gisele

 ·  An interventional study about division: Illustrating the relation between metacognition and learning
Lautert, Síntria Labres; Spinillo, Alina Galvão

 ·  Current researches about the construction of the number concept: beyond Piaget?
Nogueira, Clélia Maria Ignatius

 ·  Reading and interpretation of school mathematics problems by students of regular elementary school and from the youth and adults education system
Pavanello, Regina Maria; Lopes, Silvia Ednaira; Araujo, Nelma Sgarbosa Roman de

 ·  A meta-analysis of researches about proportional thinking
Maranhão, Cristina; Machado, Silvia

 ·  The instrumental approach for the technology integration in the pedagogical practice of the mathematics teacher study
Bittar, Marilena

 ·  Interacting, listening to silence and reflecting about the role of a trainer in a chat with mathematics teachers
Bairral, Marcelo Almeida

 ·  The transformation of scientific knowledge into taught knowledge: the case of logarithms
Almouloud, Saddo Ag

 ·  Language, technology and embodiment: Meaning production for time in Cartesian graphs
Frant, Janete Bolite

 ·  Relations between sensory activities and cultural artefacts in the appropriation of mathematical practices of a blind learner
Healy, Lulu; Fernandes, Solange Hassan Ahmad Ali

 ·  Multiplicative problems including combinatorics: solving strategies adopted by Public Elementary School students
Teixeira, Leny R. M.; Campos, Edileni G. J. de; Vasconcellos, Mônica; Guimarães, Sheila Denize