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Educar em Revista
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Table of contents
Educ. rev.  no.42 Curitiba Oct./Dec. 2011

Schmidt, Maria Auxiliadora; Garcia, Tânia Maria Figueiredo Braga

 Dossiê: História, Epistemologia e Ensino: Desafios de um Diálogo em Tempos de Incertezas
 ·  Apresentação
Schmidt, Maria Auxiliadora; Garcia, Tânia Maria Figueiredo Braga

 ·  Why learn History?
Lee, Peter

 ·  History: historical thinking, consciousness, culture and education
Martins, Estevão C. de Rezende

 ·  Historical Education: wishes for change
Barca, Isabel

 ·  The multi culture in the History teaching and the umbalance between the educative intentions and school practices: the challenges of the present and immediate future
Montés, Rafael Valls

 ·  Taking the perspective of the other seriously? understanding historical argument
Chapman, Arthur

 ·  Ontogenetic hypotesis concerned with moral consciousness: possibilities in historical consciousness of Brazilian youngs
Schmidt, Maria Auxiliadora Moreira dos Santos

 ·  Between continuities and ruptures: an investigation on teaching and learning History in the transition from the fifth to the sixth grade in Elementary School
Cainelli, Marlene Rosa

 ·  History teaching and teachers' education: educators' narratives
Cunha, Jorge Luiz da; Cardôzo, Lisliane dos Santos

 ·  The guardian of traditions: History and its curricular code
Abud, Katia Maria

 ·  Research on education: necessary dialogues between Didactics, History and Anthropology
Garcia, Tânia Maria Figueiredo Braga

 Artigos de Demanda Contínua
 ·  Philosophy of Education and formation of teachers in the old dilemma between theory and practice
Trevisan, Amarildo Luiz

 ·  Teachers, digital technologies and concentrated distraction
Zuin, Vânia Gomes; Zuin, Antônio Álvaro Soares

 ·  Continuing education of teachers inserted in inclusive educational contexts
Cruz, Gilmar de Carvalho; Schneckenberg, Marisa; Tassa, Khaled Omar Mohamad El; Chaves, Letícia

 ·  Policies for inclusion: study in a State School in Belo Horizonte
Oliveira, Maria Auxiliadora Monteiro; Souza, Sandra Freitas de

 ·  The media and television transmission of values in the view of High School students
Santana, Clésia Maria Hora; Mercado, Luis Paulo Leopoldo

 ·  The relations and conflicts between children in the Kindergarten: their thinks and speechs about this
Corsi, Bianca Rodriguez

 ·  The teaching of the main features of Brazilian venomous snakes: didactic literature evaluation of the Elementary School of the Municipality of Rio de Janeiro
Silva, Everaldo de Santana; Bochner, Rosany; Giménez, Aníbal Rafael Melgarejo

 ·  Aprender História: perspectivas da Educação Histórica
Santos, Júlio Ricardo Quevedo dos