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Revista da Associação Médica Brasileira
Print version ISSN 0104-4230


Table of contents
Rev. Assoc. Med. Bras. vol.45 n.2 São Paulo Apr./June 1999

 ·  "O pesquisador-médico: da academia às parcerias"
Rasslan, Samir

 Original Articles
 ·  Increased mast cell number in oxalosis of bone
Duarte, M.E.L.; Peixoto, A.L.P.; Pacheco, A.; Jorgetti, V.

 ·  Intra-operatory identification of the ostium of Wirsung's pancreatic duct after sphincterotomy
Silva, A.L. da; Vieira, M.I.; Souza, I.K.F. de; Menezes, L.M. de

 ·  Treatment of inguinal hernias. A prospective, randomized trial comparing theree operative techniques: Bassini, Shouldice and McVay
Mittelstaedt, W.E.M.; Rodrigues Jr., A.J.; Duprat, J.; Bevilaqua, R.G.; Birolini, D.

 ·  Racial differences between patients with focal segmental glomerulosclerosis and Membranoproliferative Glomerulonephritis from the State of Bahia
Lopes, A. A.; Martinelli, R. P.; Silveira, M. A.; Rocha, H.

 ·  Lethality in hospitalized infants with acute diarrhea: risk factors associated to death
Andrade, J.A.B. de; Oliveira, J.O.T. de; Fagundes Neto, U.

 ·  Spontaneous bacterial peritonitis in hepatic cirrhosis: prevalence, predictive factors and prognosis
Figueiredo, F.A.F.; Coelho, H.S.M.; Soares, J.A.S.

 ·  Exercise testing: abnormal ST segments restrict to recovery phase
Oliveira Fº, J. A.; Luna Fº, B.; Salles, T.; Brito, R.; Palma, L.; Barbieri, A.; Herrmann, J. L. V.; Martinez Fº, E.

 ·  Acute phase response and serum magnesium levels among hospitalized patients
Cunha, D. F. da; Bianco, M. de P.; Lenza, R. da M.; Cunha, S. F. de C. da

 ·  Evaluation of polymorphonuclear neutrophils in moderate malnutrition
Forte, W. C. N.; Gonzales, C. C. L.; Carignani, S.; Mimica, I.

 ·  The physician-scientist: from academy to partnerships
Csillag, C.; Schor, N.

 ·  Primary cutaneous malignant melanoma occurrence diagnosed at Hospital do Servidor Público Estadual de São Paulo between the period from 1963 through 1997
Criado, P. R.; Vasconcellos, C.; Sittart, J. A. S.; Valente, N. Y. S.; Moura, B. P.S.; Barbosa, G. L.; Ichihara, C.

 Special Article
 ·  The HIV positive health care worker: lessons for biosafety and ethics

 Review Articles
 ·  Biópsia percutânea do enxerto renal: para onde vamos?
Veronese, . V.; Centeno, A. D.; Almeida, A. G. de; Fritsch, A.; Mello, A.G.; Webber, A.; Zucatto, A. E.; Perini, S. C.; Manfro, R. C.; Gonçalves, L.F.

 ·  Aspectos imunológicos do diabetes melito tipo 1
Balda, C. A.; Pacheco-Silva, A.

 ·  Resposta celular ao estresse
Meyer, T. N.; Silva, A. L. da

 ·  Tratamento da epistaxe
Balbani, A. P. S.; Formigoni, G. G. S.; Butugan, O.

 Case Report
 ·  Lethal midline granuloma: clinical management of three cases
Borducchi, D. M.M.; Colleoni, G. W. B.; Oliveira, J. S. R. de; Alves, A. C.; Cervantes, O.; Segreto, R. A.; Kerbauy, J.