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Revista de Sociologia e Política
Print version ISSN 0104-4478


Table of contents
Rev. Sociol. Polit.  no.23 Curitiba Nov. 2004


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 Dossiê Teoria Política
 ·  Apresentação
Araújo, Cícero Romão Resende de; Eisenberg, José

        · text in Portuguese     · pdf in Portuguese
 ·  Whiter political theory?
Ball, Terence

 ·  Invisible versus visible powers in Thomas Hobbes' Leviathan
Castelo Branco, Pedro Hermílio Villas Bôas

 ·  The democracy of "common man": reviving John Dewey's political theory
Pogrebinschi, Thamy

 ·  "Poverty"as a category in the elaboration of the World Bank's social policy
Ugá, Vivian Domínguez

 ·  Static elements of August Comte's political theory: fatherlands and Temporal Power
Lacerda, Gustavo Biscaia de

 ·  Notes on the "effects of presence"of representation
Mendonça, Daniel de

 ·  Romantic individualism and democratic modernity: a mutual configuration
Santos, Rosmália Ferrreira

 ·  On route to the modern State: the medieval roots of some of its formative elements
Kritsch, Raquel

 ·  In search of judicialization of politics: notes for a new approach
Carvalho, Ernani Rodrigues de

 ·  Toward another justice: Penal Law, State and Society
Santos, Daniel dos

 ·  The political elite of the Canary Islands: its socio-demographic profile
Sánchez Herrera, Javier

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 ·  What is a ghetto? Building a sociological concept
Wacquant, Loïc

 ·  Residents of the ghettos of all countries: unite! You have nothing to lose but your walls!
Weitman, Sasha

 ·  Sex, gender, subject: an interview with Alain Touraine
Adelman, Miriam

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 Book Reviews
 ·  Comunidade, utopia e realidade: uma reflexão a partir do pensamento de Zygmunt Bauman
Soczek, Daniel

        · text in Portuguese     · pdf in Portuguese
 ·  Uma crítica à economia política da terceira via
Bianchi, Alvaro

        · text in Portuguese     · pdf in Portuguese
 ·  A ideologia anticomunista no Brasil
Oliveira, Marcus Roberto de

        · text in Portuguese     · pdf in Portuguese
 ·  Diferença e desigualdade na Primeira República
Miskolci, Richard

        · text in Portuguese     · pdf in Portuguese
 ·  Historiografia, memória e história do regime militar brasileiro
Napolitano, Marcos

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