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Revista de Sociologia e Política
On-line version ISSN 1678-9873


Table of contents
Rev. Sociol. Polit. vol.17 no.34 Curitiba Oct. 2009

Lacerda, Gustavo Biscaia de

 Dossier "Internet and Politics"
 ·  Apresentação: uma amostra das novas possibilidades de pesquisa sobre as relações entre as NTICS e a política
Braga, Sérgio; Chaia, Vera

 ·  Parliamentary functions portrayed on European parliaments' websites
Leston-Bandeira, Cristina

 ·  "Politics 2.0": Barack Obama's on- line 2008 campaign
Gomes, Wilson; Fernandes, Breno; Reis, Lucas; Silva, Tarcizio

 ·  Cyberpolitics in political party websites: experiences in the 2008 Spanish presidential elections within the context of transnational tendencies
Dader, José Luis

 ·  Public policy and governing networks and their analysis through "websphere analysis"
Procopiuck, Mario; Frey, Klaus

 ·  Struggles for the recognition of the deaf through the Internet: the political effects of testimony
Garcêz, Regiane L. O.; Maia, Rousiley C. M.

 ·  New dimensions of politics: protocol and codes in the "connected" public sphere
Silveira, Sergio Amadeu da

 ·  Internet and municipal elections in 2008: use of electronic community sites in São Paulo
Coutinho, Marcelo; Safatle, Vladimir

 ·  The Spanish general elections of 2008: "antagonistic bi-polarization" fomented by political and media interests and new technologies
Sampedro, Víctor; Pérez, Francisco Seoane

 ·  The Brazilian internaut: different profiles, similar opinions
Schlegel, Rogerio

 ·  Methodology for research on political blogs: analysis of the 2006 presidential elections and the "Cansei" movement
Santos, Marcelo Burgos Pimentel dos; Penteado, Cláudio Luis de Camargo; Araújo, Rafael de Paula Aguiar

 ·  Brazilian political parties and the internet: an evaluation of political party websites in Brazil
Braga, Sérgio Soares; França, Andressa Silvério Terra; Nicolás, María Alejandra

 ·  Political chronicle on a document protesting the "soft dictatorship"
Toledo, Caio Navarro de

 ·  Cultivating public sociologies at the nacional, regional and global levels
Burawoy, Michael

 ·  Interaction, power and total institutions: Primo Levi's narrative and Erving Goffmann's microsociology
Santos, Robson dos

 ·  Center-periphery differentiation as a basic theoretical strategy for observing scientific production
Neves, Fabrício Monteiro

 ·  State, institutions and development: the Korean model and the interpretation of the Asian crisis
Guimarães, Alexandre Queiroz

 ·  The profile of Legislative power in the capital and the state of Mato Grosso (1983-2004)
Silveira, Alair

 Bibliographic Essays
 ·  Intellectual history and political theory
Silva, Ricardo

 ·  Auguste Comte and "Positivism" rediscovered
Lacerda, Gustavo Biscaia de