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Revista de Sociologia e Política
On-line version ISSN 1678-9873


Table of contents
Rev. Sociol. Polit. vol.18 no.36 Curitiba June 2010


 Dossiê Teoria Política Feminista
 ·  Apresentação
Szwako, José; Adelman, Miriam

 ·  Feminism, history and power
Pinto, Céli Regina Jardim

 ·  Social perspectives and symbolic domination: women's political presence, in Iris Marion Young and Pierre Bourdieu
Miguel, Luis Felipe

 ·  Gender and family in a just society: adherence to and critique of impartiality in the contemporary debate on justice
Biroli, Flávia

 ·  The movement and feminist theory: is it possible to reconstruct feminist theory beginning from the global south?
Matos, Marlise

 ·  On the meanings of freedom and property: a feminist revision of Locke, in light of some present-day dilemas
Ciriza, Alejandra

 ·  Feminists and the diversity of republican alternatives
Almeida, Carla Cecília Rodrigues; Martins, José Antônio

 ·  Liberalism and feminism: gender equality in Carole Pateman and Martha Nussbaum
Cyfer, Ingrid

 Fundamental Text
 ·  Diplomacy and domestic politics: the logic of the two-level games
Putnam, Robert D.

 ·  Laws, justice and the law: some suggestions for reading the work of E. P. Thompson
Duarte, Adriano Luiz

 ·  State and civil society organizations in Brazil today: constructing a positive synergy?
Faria, Cláudia Feres

 ·  Brazilian national parks: land ownership problems and alternatives for their solution
Rocha, Leonardo G. M. da; Drummond, José Augusto; Ganem, Roseli Senna

 ·  The issue of continuity in macro-economic policy: from Fernando Henrique Cardoso to Lula (1995-2006)
Novelli, José Marcos Nayme

 ·  Parliamentary fronts, interest representation and political alignments
Coradini, Odaci Luiz

 ·  Bad news: Estado de Minas newspaper coverage and public image of the Minas Gerais state legislature (1999-2003)
Fuks, Mário

 Bibliographic Essays
 ·  On the use of the variable race-color in quantitative studies
Muniz, Jerônimo Oliveira