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Revista de Sociologia e Política
On-line version ISSN 1678-9873


Table of contents
Rev. Sociol. Polit. vol.18 no.37 Curitiba Oct. 2010

Lacerda, Gustavo Biscaia de

 Dossier Internacional Relations: New Themes and Agenda
 ·  Presentation
Pereira, Alexsandro Eugenio; Becard, Danielly Silva Ramos; Lacerda, Gustavo Biscaia de

 ·  International regime for refugees: changes and challenges
Rocha, Rossana Reis; Moreira, Julia Bertino

 ·  The issue of representation within the Mercosur: Parlasur and FCCR as case studies
Medeiros, Marcelo de Almeida; Leitão, Natália; Cavalcanti, Henrique Sérgio; Paiva, Maria Eduarda; Santiago, Rodrigo

 ·  Rawls' disciples in search of a cosmopolitan conception of international distributive justice
Cepaluni, Gabriel; Guimarães, Feliciano de Sá

 ·  International agreements and parliamentary control in Brazil
Diniz, Simone; Ribeiro, Cláudio

 ·  The fall of the Berlin wall: a study based on brazilian sources
Ávila, Carlos Federico Domínguez

 ·  Methodological individualism, rationality and instrumental action: Raymond Boudon's cognitive proposal
Carvalho, Bruno Sciberras de

 ·  The State in Durkheim: elements for a debate on his political sociology
Oliveira, Márcio de

 ·  Max Weber: parliamentary or plebiscitary democracy?
Sell, Carlos Eduardo

 ·  Positions and divisions within contemporary Brazilian Political Science: explaining its academic production
Leite, Fernando Baptista

 ·  Accountability for open lists
Miguel, Luis Felipe

 ·  Delegation of party leaders in the brazilian House of Representatives and the Federal Senate
Miranda, Geralda Luiza de

 Bibliographical Essay
 ·  The field of studies on São Paulo class associations from 1910 to 1945
Loss, Hugo

Board of Reviewers of Revista de Sociologia e Política in 2010