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Revista de Sociologia e Política
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Table of contents
Rev. Sociol. Polit. vol.19 no.40 Curitiba Oct. 2011


 Dossier Crime, Security and State Institutions: Problems and Perspectives
 ·  Apresentação
Pita, Maria Victoria; Alvarez, Marcos César; Campos, Marcelo da Silveira

 ·  Organized crime and common crime in Rio de Janeiro: affinities and differences
Misse, Michel

 ·  The force of law and the violence of juridical forms
Azevedo, Rodrigo Ghiringhelli de

 ·  Deaths due to violence in Pernambuco and in Brazil: obstacles to the consolidation of democracy
Nóbrega Jr., José Maria; Zaverucha, Jorge; Rocha, Enivaldo

 ·  Bureaucratic regimes and state languages: the politics of statistical criminal records on violent deaths in Rio de Janeiro and Buenos Aires
Miranda, Ana Paula Mendes de; Pita, María Victoria

 ·  Concerns with safety in Latin America: narratives, actions and policies from the Argentinean case
Kessler, Gabriel

 ·  Watching over watchmen: Federal Police control over private security guards
Lopes, Cleber da Silva

 ·  The politics of political discourse: two rhetorics of public safety in the state of Paraná
Berlatto, Fábia

 ·  The "hard line" and "getting off the hook": practical effects of the new drug law in Rio de Janeiro
Grillo, Carolina Christoph; Policarpo, Frederico; Veríssimo, Marcos

 Fundamental Text
 ·  Two faces of power
Bachrach, Peter; Baratz, Morton S.

 ·  Social struggles for recognition: dilemmas and deadlocks in the public articulation of disrespect
Ventura, Tereza

 ·  Policy analysis approach for the study of public policy on the high tech industrial park of Campinas
Silva, Rogério Bezerra da; Dagnino, Renato

 ·  Judicialization of politics, judiciary power and parliamentary investigation commissions in Brazil
Zauli, Eduardo Meira

 ·  Programatic coherence and parliamentary discipline: political parties in the light of the social organizations proposal
Schmidt, Vera Viviane

 ·  Electoral defeats and political careers: the case of the Rio Grande do Sul workers' party (PT)
Louault, Frédéric

 Bibliographic Essays
 ·  The experience of delinquency in two alternative ethnographic approaches
Gomez, Joaquín Santiago

 ·  Brazilian Political Sociology under analysis: four perspectives on the administrative workings of the New State
Codato, Adriano

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