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Pró-Fono Revista de Atualização Científica
Print version ISSN 0104-5687


Table of contents
Pró-Fono R. Atual. Cient. vol.18 no.3 Barueri Sept./Dec. 2006

 Research Articles
 ·  Analyses of answers presented by children with and without specific language impairment
Rocha, Lidiane Cristina; Befi-Lopes, Débora Maria

 ·  Analyses of the communicative functions expressed by language therapists and patients of the autistic spectrum
Miilher, Liliane Perroud; Fernandes, Fernanda Dreux Miranda

 ·  Anthropometrical measurements of the height of the upper lip and length of the philtrum
Daenecke, Sibeli; Bianchini, Esther Mandelbaum Gonçalves; Silva, Ana Paula Berberian V. da

 ·  Acclimatization: speech recognition in hearing aid users
Prates, Letícia Pimenta Costa Spyer; Iório, Maria Cecília Martinelli

 ·  Relationship between speech, tonus and non-verbal praxis of the stomatognathic system in preschoolers
Farias, Samira Raquel de; Ávila, Clara Regina Brandão de; Vieira, Marilena Manno

 ·  Auditory evoked potentials in individuals over 50 years
Matas, Carla Gentile; Santos Filha, Valdete Alves Valentins dos; Okada, Melissa Mitsue Cunha Pires; Resque, Juliana Reis

 ·  Ordering and temporal resolution in professional singers and in well tuned and out of tune amateur singers
Ishii, Cintia; Arashiro, Priscila Midori; Pereira, Liliane Desgualdo

 ·  Auditory training in workshops: group therapy option
Santos, Juliana Nunes; Couto, Isabel Cristina Plais do; Amorim, Raquel Martins da Costa

 ·  Picture naming and imitation tests as tools for the diagnosis of phonological disorder
Wertzner, Haydée Fiszbein; Papp, Ana Carolina Camargo Salvatti; Galea, Daniela Evaristo dos Santos

 ·  Respiratory dynamics measurements in children with four to ten years of age
Fabron, Eliana Maria Gradim; Santos, Gisele Rodrigues dos; Omote, Sadao; Perdoná, Gleici Castro

 ·  Bone conduction auditory brainstem responses in normal hearing individuals
Freitas, Vanessa Sabino de; Alvarenga, Kátia de Freitas; Morettin, Marina; Souza, Elidiane Fugiwara de; Costa Filho, Orozimbo Alves

 Review Article
 ·  Genetics and language in Williams-Beuren syndrome: a distinct neurobehavioral disorder
Rossi, Natalia Freitas; Moretti-Ferreira, Danilo; Giacheti, Célia Maria