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Pró-Fono Revista de Atualização Científica
Print version ISSN 0104-5687


Table of contents
Pró-Fono R. Atual. Cient. vol.20 no.3 Barueri July/Sept. 2008

 Research Papers
 ·  Performance of elderly in a speech in noise test
Calais, Lucila Leal; Russo, Ieda Chaves Pacheco; Borges, Alda Christina Lopes de Carvalho

 ·  Therapy effectiveness for phonological disorders with different therapeutic approaches
Keske-Soares, Márcia; Brancalioni, Ana Rita; Marini, Caroline; Pagliarin, Karina Carlesso; Ceron, Marizete Ilha

 ·  Swallowing reflex: analysis of the efficiency of different stimuli on healthy young individuals
Pereira, Nayara A. Vasconcelos; Motta, Andréa Rodrigues; Vicente, Laélia Cristina C.

 ·  Development of autistic children based on maternal responses to the Autism Behavior Checklist
Tamanaha, Ana Carina; Perissinoto, Jacy; Chiari, Brasilia Maria

 ·  Training proposal for community health agents in hearing health
Alvarenga, Kátia Freitas; Bevilacqua, Maria Cecilia; Martinez, Maria Angelina N. S.; Melo, Tatiana Memdes; Blasca, Wanderléia Q.; Taga, Marcel Frederico de Lima

 ·  Actions in vocal health: a proposal for improving the vocal profile of teachers
Silverio, Kelly Cristina Alves; Gonçalves, Claudia Giglio de Oliveira; Penteado, Regina Zanella; Vieira, Tais Pichirilli Guilherme; Libardi, Aline; Rossi, Daniele

 ·  Tracheostoma humidifier: influence on secretion and voice of patients with total laryngectomy
Masson, Andrea Cristina Castelhano; Fouquet, Marina Lang; Gonçalves, Antonio Jose

 ·  Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation in dysphonic women
Guirro, Rinaldo Roberto de Jesus; Bigaton, Delaine Rodrigues; Silvério, Kelly Cristina Alves; Berni, Kelly Cristina dos Santos; Distéfano, Giovanna; Santos, Fernanda Lopes dos; Forti, Fabiana

 ·  Perceptual, auditory and acoustic vocal analysis of speech and singing in choir conductors
Rehder, Maria Inês Beltrati Cornacchioni; Behlau, Mara

 Review Article
 ·  Intelligibility measurements in speech disorders: a critical review of the literature
Barreto, Simone dos Santos; Ortiz, Karin Zazo

 ·  Translation and cross-cultural adaptation of instruments to the Brazilian Portuguese language
Giusti, Elisabete; Befi-Lopes, Débora Maria