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História, Ciências, Saúde-Manguinhos
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Table of contents
Hist. cienc. saude-Manguinhos vol.10  suppl.2 Rio de Janeiro  2003

Carta do editor
Lima, Nísia; Azevedo, Nara; Ponte, Carlos Fidelis; Homma, Akira

 ·  Smallpox immunization in 19th century Brazil: inoculation, variolization, vaccine, and revaccination
Fernandes, Tania Maria

 ·  The beginnings of the smallpox vaccine in São Paulo: a little-known storu
Teixeira, Luiz Antonio; Almeida, Marta de

 ·  The vaccinal hypothesis: towards a critical and anthropological approach to a historical phenomenon
Moulin, Anne Marie

 ·  Overview of an anthropology of the vaccine: a look at the ethics of a humaanitarian practice
Laplante, Julie; Bruneau, Julie

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 ·  Producing an immunizing agent: images from the production of a yellow fever vaccine
Lacerda, Aline Lopes; Mello, Maria Teresa Villela Bandeira de

 ·  The history of polio in Brazil and its control through immunization
Campos, André Luiz Vieira de; Nascimento, Dilene Raimundo do; Maranhão, Eduardo

 ·  Brazil's National Immunization Program: origins and development
Temporão, José Gomes

 ·  Vaccination, quality control, and vaccine production in Brazil since 1960
Ponte, Carlos Fidelis

 ·  New perspectives in viral vaccines
Schatzmayr, Hermann G.

 ·  Technological development: a weak link in vaccine innovation in Brazil
Homma, Akira; Martins, Reinaldo Menezes; Jessouroum, Ellen; Oliva, Otavio

 ·  Vaccine innovations in Brazil: recent experiences and structural constraints
Gadelha, Carlos; Azevedo, Nara

 ·  Vaccines and campaigns: images with a story to tell
Pôrto, Ângela; Ponte, Carlos Fidelis

 ·  Health: between the State and society
Lima, Mozart Abreu

 ·  The production of vaccines is a strategic activity for Brazil
Risi Júnior, João Baptista

 ·  Public health as a mission
Maia, Maria de Lourdes Souza

 ·  Social communication and vaccination
Rocha, Cristina Maria Vieira da

 ·  Vaccine adverse events and social response
Martins, Reinaldo Menezes; Maia, Maria de Lourdes de Souza

 ·  Health research in São Paulo: current status and the outlook for change
Carvalheiro, José da Rocha

 ·  Technological health innovation at the Fundação Oswaldo Cruz
Buss, Paulo Marchiori

 ·  Proposal for the recovery of historiographic data: SESP/FSESP sources in the study of immunization campaigns in Brazil
Andrade, Márcio Magalhães de