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História, Ciências, Saúde-Manguinhos
Print version ISSN 0104-5970


Table of contents
Hist. cienc. saude-Manguinhos vol.12 no.1 Rio de Janeiro Jan./Apr. 2005

Editor's note
Benchimol, Jaime Larry

 ·  "Gold earrings, calico skirts": images of women and their role in the project to civilize the Amazon, as observed by Elizabeth Agassiz in Viagem ao Brasil: 1865-1866
Santos, Fabiane Vinente dos

 ·  The modern psychiatric institution from an organizational perspective
Vizeu, Fábio

 ·  Scientific research in the biosciences in São Paulo: beyond institutions
Santos, Gildo Magalhães dos

 The Spanish Flu in Brazil Dossier
 ·  The Spanish flu in Salvador, 1918: city of alleys and tenements
Souza, Christiane Maria Cruz de

 ·  Revisiting the Spanish flu: the 1918 influenza pandemic in Rio de Janeiro
Goulart, Adriana da Costa

 ·  Among doctors and for the lay: fragments of the medical discourse during the 1918 flu epidemic
Bertucci-Martins, Liane Maria

 ·  Danger is in the air: is the Spanish Flu back?

 ·  Social assistance institutions and Jewish immigration
Cytrynowicz, Roney

 ·  Science, politics, and passion: the Carlos Chagas Filho archive
Lima, Ana Luce Girão Soares de; Mesquita, Cecília Chagas de; Lourenço, Francisco dos Santos; Gonçalves, Leonardo Arruda; Santos, Ricardo Augusto dos

 Books & Networks
 ·  Brazil as glimpsed in Gilberto Freyre
Botelho, André

 ·  Imperialism and philanthropy: the experience of the Rockefeller Foundation and hygienism under Brazil's First Republic
Paiva, Carlos Henrique Assunção

 ·  The multiple faces of science in Brazil in the 100 years following Origin of Species
Freitas, Renan Springer de

 ·  Exploring the interface between Anthropology and Genetics
Pena, Sérgio D. J.

 ·  Para além do lógos: a peste de Atenas na obra de Tucídides
Draeger, Andréa Coelho Farias