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História, Ciências, Saúde-Manguinhos
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Table of contents
Hist. cienc. saude-Manguinhos vol.12 no.2 Rio de Janeiro May/Aug. 2005

 Editor's Note
 ·  From psychiatric reform to the struggle for a 'non-fascist life'
Alarcon, Sergio

 ·  Graduate studies and work: a study on the plans and expectations of Brazilian doctoral candidates
Louzada, Rita de Cássia Ramos; Silva Filho, João Ferreira da

 ·  The concept of student health as viewed by early elementary school teachers (1st- 4th grades)
Fernandes, Marcos Henrique; Rocha, Vera Maria; Souza, Djanira Brasilino de

 ·  Notes on an approximation between neo-Darwinism and the social sciences
Waizbort, Ricardo

 Dossier: Race, Genetics, identities, and Health
 ·  Reasons for banishing the concept of race from Brazilian medicine
Pena, Sérgio D. J.

 ·  The significance of sickle cell anemia within the context of the Brazilian government's 'racial policies' (1995-2004)
Fry, Peter H.

 ·  Race, genetics, and hypertension: new genetics or old eugenics?
Josué, Laguardia

 ·  Human nature created in the laboratory: the biologization and genetization of kinship in new reproductive technologies
Luna, Naara

 ·  In times of racialization: the case of the 'health of the black population' in Brazil
Maio, Marcos Chor; Monteiro, Simone

 ·  Anthropology, race, and the dilemmas of identity in the age of genomics
Santos, Ricardo Ventura; Maio, Marcos Chor

 ·  Science, technology, parliament, and dialoguing with citizens
Massarani, Luisa

 ·  Public participation in Science and Technology: influencing decisions and, primarily, keeping society informed and involved
Klüver, Lars; Einsiedel, Edna F.

 ·  Democratizing science? Citizen juries and other deliberative methods
Shakespeare, Tom

 ·  Consensus conferences: the Chilean experience
Pellegrini Filho, Alberto

 ·  The human genome on the streets of Avellaneda
Ferraro, Ricardo; Bacciadonne, Adriano J.; Díaz, Alberto

 ·  Chernoviz and popular medical manuals in the days of the Empire
Guimarães, Maria Regina Cotrim

 ·  Theodoro Peckolt: the scientific work of a pioneer in phytochemistry in Brazil
Santos, Nadja Paraense dos

 Research Notes
 ·  Giovanni Battista Marini Bettolo: his role in the development of chemistry in Uruguay
Borkenztain, Bernardo; Davyt, Amílcar; Ferreira, Fernando; Moyna, Patrick

 ·  Body image: discovering one's self
Barros, Daniela Dias

 Books & Networks
 ·  A multi-faceted look across time: hygienism and eugenics in Brazil
Marçolla, Bernardo Andrade

 ·  Chapters in the social history of medicine in Brazil
Calaça, Carlos Eduardo

 ·  The sociopolitical dimensions of an epidemic: São Paulo in the mad grip of the Spanish flu
Souza, Christiane Maria Cruz de

 ·  Contradictions and asymmetries in the construction of knowledge about Aids/HIV
Marques, Maria Cristina da Costa

 ·  Abysm or continuities? Polemics surrounding pre-colonial Tupi and the 'general language' disseminated by the Jesuits
Ramos, Jânia Martins; Venâncio, Renato Pinto

 ·  New reflections on Aids?
Góis, João Bôsco Hora

 ·  The Complete Works of Adolpho Lutz: an unprecedented work in review
Caponi, Sandra