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História, Ciências, Saúde-Manguinhos
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Table of contents
Hist. cienc. saude-Manguinhos vol.16 no.3 Rio de Janeiro July/Sept. 2009

 Editor's Note
 ·  Fatigue and its disturbances: conditions of possibility and the rise and fall of twentieth-century neurasthenia
Zorzanelli, Rafaela Teixeira

 ·  Elements for a history of neuroascese
Ortega, Francisco

 ·  Machado de Assis and psychiatry: a chapter in the relations between art and clinical practice in Brazil
Lima, Elizabeth Maria Freire de Araújo

 ·  Physical therapy education in Brazil: reflections on the expansion of teaching and training models
Bispo Júnior, José Patrício

 ·  Transgenic products: a scientific-production evaluation of possible food (in)security
Camara, Maria Clara Coelho; Marinho, Carmem L.C.; Guilam, Maria Cristina Rodrigues; Nodari, Rubens Onofre

 ·  The misery of degeneration: Buffon's materialism and the 'limitations' of his transformism
Caponi, Gustavo

 ·  Women's rights in Brazil: focus on maternal health
Leite, Ana Cristina da Nóbrega Marinho Torres; Paes, Neir Antunes

 ·  Differently abled: difference and the historical model of the standard man
Pereira, Ray

 ·  Why do efforts toward theoretical synthesis prove so successful in biology but not in sociology?
Freitas, Renan Springer de; Figueiredo, Adriana Maria de

 ·  Knowledge production and the quest for applicability: the experience of universities and the chemical industry
Weinberg, Georg M.L.; Jorge, Marcelino José; Jorge, Marina Figueiras

 ·  The National Museum's physical anthropology archive: sources on the history of eugenics in Brazil
Souza, Vanderlei Sebastião de; Santos, Ricardo Ventura; Coelho, Mônica Costa S.; Hannesch, Ozana; Rodrigues-Carvalho, Claudia

 Research Notes
 ·  Carlos Chagas Filho Virtual Library: a space for disseminating contemporary Brazilian science
Lourenço, Francisco dos Santos; Passos, Daniela; Mendonça, Marcus Teixeira; Gonçalves, Thiago Werneck; Almeida, Darcy Fontoura de

 ·  "The Pyrenees are not hollow": the mountain as a boundary object
Lamy, Jérôme

 Books & Networks
 ·  Literature, sex, and diseases: new narratives on the British Empire
DeNipoti, Cláudio

 ·  Between bones and scientists: an exploration of American pre-history
Santos, Ricardo Ventura; Gaspar Neto, Verlan Valle

 ·  Healthcare policy in Brazil on the path of history
Falleiros, Ialê

 ·  Invention of hysteria
Pinto Junior, Rafael Alves

 ·  Towards a theoretical and methodological renewal of history: old proposals for a new history
Carlan, Claudio Umpierre

 ·  Yes, we have Pasteur
Silva, André Felipe Cândido da