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História, Ciências, Saúde-Manguinhos
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Table of contents
Hist. cienc. saude-Manguinhos vol.17 no.2 Rio de Janeiro Apr./June 2010

 Editor's Note
 ·  The cerebralization of fatigue: an analysis of the cerebral hypothesis in the case of chronic fatigue syndrome
Ortega, Francisco; Zorzanelli, Rafaela

 ·  The Paduan School of Medicine: medicine and philosophy in the modern era
Rebollo, Regina Andrés

 ·  Health and dietetics in medieval preventive medicine: the health regimen of Peter of Spain (thirteenth century)
Santos, Dulce O. Amarante dos; Fagundes, Maria Daílza da Conceição

 ·  The end of food: dietary supplementation and diet among avid members of workout and fitness centers in Rio de Janeiro
Sabino, César; Luz, Madel T.; Carvalho, Maria Cláudia

 ·  An evaluation of health learning during a visit to the Museum of Life
Rocha, Vânia; Lemos, Evelyse dos Santos; Schall, Virginia

 ·  Women and their careers at Unicamp's Faculty of Medical Sciences: unique voices and collective images
Montagner, Maria Inez; Montagner, Miguel Ângelo

 ·  Physical anthropology and the description of the 'savage' in the Brazilian Anthropological Exhibition of 1882
Sánchez Arteaga, Juanma; Niño El-Hani, Charbel

 ·  The narratives and images of German travelers to nineteenth-century Brazil: the construction of an imagination about indigenous peoples, history, and the nation
Sallas, Ana Luisa Fayet

 Dossier Science and Midia
 ·  Science on the front page: an analysis of the covers of three Brazilian newspapers
Medeiros, Flavia Natércia da Silva; Ramalho, Marina; Massarani, Luisa

 ·  The framing of transgenics in São Paulo newspapers: the potential contribution of information to political participation
Rothberg, Danilo; Berbel, Danilo Brancalhão

 ·  The amazing story of the fraudulent cloned embryos and what it tells us about science, technology, and the media
Souza, Iara Maria de Almeida; Caitité, Amanda Muniz Logeto

 Research Notes
 ·  The career of Henrique da Rocha Lima and German-Brazilian relations (1901-1956)
Silva, André Felipe Cândido da

 ·  Social sciences and health education: the perspective of the Special Public Health Service's Social Research Section in the 1950s
Lima, Nísia Trindade; Maio, Marcos Chor

 ·  Physical education, science, and health: notes on the holdings of the Center for Sports Memory (UFRGS)
Goellner, Silvana Vilodre

 Books & Networks
 ·  Towards a scientific, humanist medicine: the relevance of Rudolf Virchow today
Magalhães, Márcio

 ·  Thoughts on cognitive access to information in Brazil
Galvão, Maria Cristiane Barbosa

 ·  Ñande Ru Marangatu: the judicialization of the struggle for indigenous land and the role of the scientist
Cavalcante, Thiago Leandro Vieira

 ·  Network management: the strategy of regionalizing healthcare policy
Junqueira, Luciano A. Prates; Dapuzzo, Fabíola

 ·  The great benefit for humanity
Kanikadan, Paula Yuri Sugishita

 ·  Forgotten patriots
Guimarães, Marco Aurélio

 Letter to the Editor