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História, Ciências, Saúde-Manguinhos
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Table of contents
Hist. cienc. saude-Manguinhos vol.18 no.3 Rio de Janeiro July/Sept. 2011

 Editor's Note
 ·  The roots of French vitalism: Bordeu and Barthez, between Paris and Montpellier
Waisse, Silvia; Amaral, Maria Thereza Cera Galvão do; Alfonso-Goldfarb, Ana M.

 ·  The digital anatomical theater: scientific practices for representing the body
Monteiro, Marko

 ·  Disease and diet in the construction of otherness between the soldiers of the Brazilian Imperial Army during the War of the Farrapos
Ribeiro, José Iran

 ·  Oswaldo Cruz and the serology controversy
Carreta, Jorge Augusto

 ·  Epidemics and medical conundrums: Uruguay, 1918-1919
Serrón, Víctor

 ·  The Sateré-Mawé community of Y'Apyrehyt: ritual and health on the urban outskirts of Manaus
Botelho, João Bosco; Weigel, Valéria Augusta C.M.

 ·  The healing arts and ways of life in the geographical realm of the cangaço
Oliveira, Iranilson Buriti de

 ·  The scientism of racial theories in O cortiço and Canaã
Tamano, Luana Tieko Omena; dos Santos, Poliana; Magalhães, Gildo; Martins, Ana Claudia Aymoré

 ·  Nature and culture in the eyes of a nineteenth-century naturalist: Wallace and the Amazon
Alves, José Jerônimo de Alencar

 ·  'Fueguinos', Robert Lehmann-Nitsche, and the study of the Ona at the Buenos Aires National Exhibit (1898)
Ballestero, Diego A.

 ·  Psychogenic non-epileptic seizures: history and critique of a concept
Kurcgant, Daniela; Ayres, José Ricardo de Carvalho Mesquita

 ·  The mathematic representation of a treatment: the circulation of technoscientific inscriptions in extracorporeal lithotripsy
Arellano, Antonio

 ·  From human to number in the construction of toxoplasmosis from the logic of the human sciences
Silva, Vera Lucia Marques da; Camargo Júnior, Kenneth Rochel

 ·  Drawer of boundaries: Franz Boas and the (im)possibility of the concept of culture in anthropology
Martínez-Hernáez, Angel

 ·  Worms, slugs and humans: the medical and popular construction of an emerging infectious disease
Grisotti, Márcia; Avila-Pires, Fernando Dias de

 ·  War is hazardous for your health: photographs and testimonies about death, wounds, disease and medical care during the Mexican Revolution
Mraz, John

 ·  Purveyors of technology: provincial engineers and the construction of road infrastructure in Minas Gerais
Barbosa, Lidiany Silva

 Books & Networks
 ·  Buddhism and science: an asymmetrical description
Torres, Diana Obregón

        · text in Spanish     · pdf in Spanishpdf in Spanish
 ·  Paper animals
Podgorny, Irina

        · text in Spanish     · pdf in Spanishpdf in Spanish
 ·  The body as object and source in the production of the senses
Santos, Nádia Maria Weber

 ·  The institutionalization of SUS and the professional training of health workers
Dalpiaz, Luiza Helena

 ·  Constituting human and non-human collectivities: ordering the world
Bennertz, Rafael

 ·  Reflecting on pharmaceutical innovations and their impact on access to medications
Barros, José Augusto Cabral de

 ·  The production of care within family healthcare teams: new lenses through which to view the micro-politics of health work
Santos, Adriano Maia dos