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História, Ciências, Saúde-Manguinhos
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Table of contents
Hist. cienc. saude-Manguinhos vol.19 no.1 Rio de Janeiro Jan./Mar. 2012

 Editor's Note
 ·  The weight of pathological: bio-politics and bare life
Seixas, Cristiane Marques; Birman, Joel

 ·  The objectives of the U.S. Exploring Expedition's circumnavigation (1838-1842): longitude, nautical charting and the establishment of modern geographic coordinates
Junqueira, Mary Anne

 ·  Stem cell research: a case study on the dynamics of one segment of a scientific field
Luna, Naara

 ·  From miasmas to mosquitoes: medical thought on yellow fever in Yucatan, 1890-1920
Alcalá Ferráez, Carlos

 ·  Counting to cure: statistics and the medical community in Argentina, 1880-1940
Daniel, Claudia

 ·  Colombian initiatives in the Social Appropriation of Science and Technology: tendencies and challenges for a broader understanding of these dynamics
Pérez-Bustos, Tania; Franco Avellaneda, Manuel; Lozano Borda, Marcela; Falla, Sigrid; Papagayo, Diana

 ·  The formation of the field of psychiatry: two opposing perspectives
Gama, Jairo Roberto de Almeida

 ·  Eating education and the making of strong, robust, productive workers: an analysis of scientific scholarship on nutrition in Brazil, 1934-1941
Bezerra, José Arimatea Barros

 ·  On the autonomy of the mouth: curricular practices, professional identity, and the emergence of dental teaching in Brazil
Warmling, Cristine Maria; Marzola, Norma Regina; Botazzo, Carlos

 ·  "Is a shot alone enough?": concepts of health, hygiene, and nutrition and the Program to Eradicate Yaws in Brazil, 1956-1961
Muniz, Érico Silva

 ·  Family health through the lens of mental hygiene
Moura, Renata Heller de; Boarini, Maria Lucia

 ·  "Pregnant belly showing": the vicissitudes and valorization of the reproductive body in the construction of images of pregnancy
Vargas, Eliane Portes

 Dossier Archives
 ·  The utopian Darcy Ribeiro archive
Heymann, Luciana Quillet

 ·  Photographs in archives: the production and meaning of visual records
Lacerda, Aline Lopes de

 ·  An archival approach: the documents of a biomedical sciences laboratory
Santos, Paulo Roberto Elian dos

 ·  A look through the Mexican Department of Health's film archive
Gudiño Cejudo, María Rosa

 Books & Networks
 ·  Reversal of crime: hostile norms, a cruel society, and subjective escape through violence
Arreguy, Marília Etienne

 ·  Sanitation versus environment: engineering and politics at the end of the Empire and under the First Republic
Marinho, Pedro Eduardo Mesquita de Monteiro

 ·  Theory, critical analysis, and the challenge of interdisciplinary thought at the crossroads of collective health, the environment, and geography
Cidade, Lúcia Cony Faria