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Brazilian Journal of Chemical Engineering
versão On-line ISSN 0104-6632


Braz. J. Chem. Eng. v.19 n.3 São Paulo jul./set. 2002

 ·  Treatment of low-strength wastewater using immobilized biomass in a sequencing batch external loop reactor: influence of the medium superficial velocity on the stability and performance
Camargo, E.F.M.; Ratusznei, S.M.; Rodrigues, J.A.D.; Zaiat, M.; Borzani, W.

 ·  Development of a bioprocess for the production of actinomycin-D
Sousa, M.F.V.Q.; Lopes, C.E.; Pereira Jr., N.

 ·  Morphological observation and microbial population dynamics in anaerobic polyurethane foam biofilm degrading gelatin
Tommaso, G.; Varesche, M.B.; Zaiat, M.; Vazoller, R.F.; Foresti, E.

 Particulated Systems
 ·  A simplified approach to the drying of solids in a batch fluidised bed
Srinivasakannan, C.; Balasubramanian, N.

 ·  Analysis and optimization of gas-centrifugal separation of uranium isotopes by neural networks
Migliavacca, S.C.P.; Rodrigues, C.; Nascimento, C.A.O.

 Process Systems Engineering - Control System
 ·  Nonlinear dynamic modeling of multicomponent batch distillation: a case study
Jiménez, L.; Basualdo, M.S.; Gómez, J.C.; Toselli, L.; Rosa, M.

 Reactors Engineering and Catalysis
 ·  Modeling and simulation of a pseudo-two-phase gas-liquid column reactor for thermal hydrocracking of petroleum heavy fractions
Matos, E.M.; Guirardello, R.

 ·  Conversion of n-Butane to iso-Butene on Gallium/HZSM-5 Catalysts
Gheno, S.M.; Urquieta-González, E.A.

 ·  An empirical method to correlate and predict solute distribution in ternary liquid-liquid systems
Zamaro, J.M.; Campanella, E.A.

 Short communication
 ·  The drying of solids in a modified fluidized bed
Ambrosio, M.C.B.; Taranto, O.P.