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Brazilian Journal of Chemical Engineering
versão On-line ISSN 0104-6632


Braz. J. Chem. Eng. v.21 n.1 São Paulo jan./mar. 2004

Freire, José Teixeira

 ·  The effect of some processing conditions on the characteristics of biodegradable microspheres obtained by an emulsion solvent evaporation process
Maia, J. L.; Santana, M. H. A.; Ré, M. I.

 Particulated Systems
 ·  Heat transfer in packed beds: experimental evaluation of one-phase water flow
Thoméo, J. C.; Grace, J. R.

 ·  The influence of structural parameters on the permeability of ceramic foams
Moreira, E. A.; Coury, J. R.

 ·  Analysis of the fluid-dynamic behavior of fluidized and vibrofluidized bed containing glycerol
Daleffe, R. V.; Freire, J. T.

 ·  Estimation of particle concentration profiles in a three-phase fluidized bed from experimental data and using the wake model
Knesebeck, A.; Guardani, R.

 ·  Experimental study and simulation of mass distribution of the covering layer of soybean seeds coated in a spouted bed
Duarte, C. R.; Neto, J. L.V.; Lisboa, M. H.; Santana, R. C.; Barrozo, M. A. S.; Murata, V. V.

 Transport Phenomena and Unit Operation
 ·  Experimental study on bubble size distributions in a direct-contact evaporator
Ribeiro Jr., C. P.; Lage, P. L. C.

 ·  Treatment of milk industry effluent by dissolved air flotation
Couto, H. J .B.; Melo, M. V.; Massarani, G.

 ·  A new role for reduction in pressure drop in cyclones using computational fluid dynamics techniques
Noriler, D.; Vegini, A. A.; Soares, C.; Barros, A. A. C.; Meier, H. F.; Mori, M.

 ·  The cyclonic dryer: a numerical and experimental analysis of the influence of geometry on average particle residence time
Corrêa, J. L. G.; Graminho, D. R.; Silva, M. A.; Nebra, S. A.

 ·  The effect of interparticle cohesive forces on the simulation of fluid flow in spout-fluid beds
Trindade, A. L. G.; Passos, M. L.; Costa Jr, E. F.; Biscaia Jr, E. C.

 ·  Simulated moving-bed adsorption for separation of racemic mixtures
Santos, M. A. G.; Veredas, V.; Silva Jr., I. J.; Correia, C. R. D.; Furlan, L. T.; Santana, C. C.