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Brazilian Journal of Chemical Engineering
versão On-line ISSN 0104-6632


Braz. J. Chem. Eng. v.21 n.3 São Paulo jul./set. 2004

Preface: in memoriam
Rocha, Sandra Cristina dos Santos

 ·  Continuous ethanol production using yeast immobilized on sugar-cane stalks
Vasconcelos, J. N. de; Lopes, C. E.; França, F. P. de

 ·  Measurement processing for state estimation and fault identification in batch fermentations
Dondo, R.

 Chemical Reaction Engineering
 ·  Niobium carbide synthesis by solid-gas reaction using a rotating cylinder reactor
Fontes, F. A. O.; Gomes, K. K. P.; Oliveira, S. A.; Souza, C. P.; Sousa, J. F.

 Environmental Engineering
 ·  Incorporation of environmental impact criteria in the design and operation of chemical processes
Bauer, P.E.; Maciel Filho, R.

 ·  Chemical absorption of H2S for biogas purification
Horikawa, M.S.; Rossi, F.; Gimenes, M.L.; Costa, C.M.M.; Silva, M.G.C. da

 ·  Enhancement of the performance of an anaerobic sequencing batch reactor treating low-strength wastewater through implementation of a variable stirring rate program
Rodrigues, J. A. D.; Pinto, A. G.; Ratusznei, S. M.; Zaiat, M.; Gedraite, R.

 Extractive Metallurgy and Leaching Process
 ·  A mathematical model for isothermal heap and column leaching
de Andrade Lima, L.R.P.

 Food Science and Engineering
 ·  The effect of temperature and flow rate on the clarification of the aqueous stevia-extract in a fixed-bed column with zeolites
Mantovaneli, I. C. C.; Ferretti, E. C.; Simões, M. R.; Silva, C. Ferreira da

 Polymers Science and Engineering
 ·  Simulation of emulsion copolymerization reactions in a continuous pulsed sieve-plate column reactor
Sayer, C.; Giudici, R.

 ·  Calculation of liquid-liquid equilibrium of aqueous two-phase systems using a chemical-theory-based excess Gibbs energy model
Pessôa Filho, P. A.; Mohamed, R. S.

 Transport Phenomena and Unit Operation
 ·  A novel mechanism for bubble formation in fluidized systems: the effects of granular temperature on the stability in fluidization
Costa, A. M. S.; Souza-Santos, M. L. de

 ·  Performance of mechanically shaken indirect contact atmospheric dryer in drying pastelike materials
Melo, K. P.; Cremasco, M. A.

 ·  Time series analysis of pressure fluctuation in gas-solid fluidized beds
Felipe, C. Alberto S.; Rocha, S. C. S.