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Brazilian Journal of Chemical Engineering
versión On-line ISSN 0104-6632


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Braz. J. Chem. Eng. v.22 n.3 São Paulo jul./sep. 2005

 ·  Purification of recombinant aprotinin produced in transgenic corn seed: separation from CTI utilizing ion-exchange chromatography
Azzoni, A. R.; Takahashi, K.; Woodard, S. L.; Miranda, E. A.; Nikolov, Z. L.

 ·  Observance of polymorphic behaviour during dissolution of insulin and lysozyme
Bernardo, A.; Calmanovici, C. E.; Miranda, E. A.

 ·  Species active in the selective catalytic reduction of no with iso-butane on iron-exchanged ZSM-5 zeolites
Batista, M. S.; Wallau, M.; Urquieta-González, E. A.

 Drying Science and Technology
 ·  Spray-dried chitosan microspheres cross-linked with d, l-glyceraldehyde as a potential drug delivery system: preparation and characterization
Oliveira, B. F; Santana, M. H. A.; Ré, M. I.

 Environmental Engineering
 ·  A simplified analysis of granule behavior in ASBR and UASB reactors treating low-strength synthetic wastewater
Veronez, R. G.; Orra, A. A.; Ribeiro, R.; Zaiat, M.; Ratusznei, S. M.; Rodrigues, J. A. D.

 ·  Adsorption of residual oil from palm oil mill effluent using rubber powder
Ahmad, A.L.; Bhatia, S.; Ibrahim, N.; Sumathi, S.

 ·  Studies of removal of chromium by model constructed wetland
Mant, C.; Costa, S.; Williams, J.; Tambourgi, E.

 Particulated Systems
 ·  Detection of outliers in a gas centrifuge experimental data
Andrade, M. C. V.; Nascimento, C. A. O.; Migliavacca, S. C. P.

 Polymer Science and Engineering
 ·  Neural network applications in polymerization processes
Fernandes, F. A. N.; Lona, L. M.F.

 Reactors Engineering and Catalysis
 ·  Simultaneous influence of gas mixture composition and process temperature on Fe2O3®FeO reduction kinetics: neural network modeling
Piotrowski, K.; Wiltowski, T.; Mondal, K.; Stonawski, L.; Szymaski, T.; Dasgupta, D.

 ·  A Cu/Al-MCM-41 mesoporous molecular sieve: application in the abatement of no in exhaust gases
Batista, M. S.; Melo, R. A. A.; Wallau, M.; Urquieta-González, E. A.

 ·  Experimental dynamic evaluation of three-phase reactors
Sales, F. G.; Maranhão, L. C. A.; Pereira, J. A. F. R.; Abreu, C. A. M.

 ·  Experimental vapor-liquid equilibria data for binary mixtures of xylene isomers
Rodrigues, W.L.; Mattedi, S.; Abreu, J. C. N.

 ·  Liquid-liquid equilibrium of water + PEG 8000 + magnesium sulfate or sodium sulfate aqueous two-phase systems at 35°C: experimental determination and thermodynamic modeling
Castro, B. D.; Aznar, M.

 ·  A modified UNIQUAC equation for mixtures containing self-associating compounds
Pessôa Filho, P. A.; Mohamed, R. S.; Maurer, G.

 Short communication
 ·  Studies of efficiency in a perforated rotating disc contactor using a polymer-polymer aqueous two-phase systems
Sarubbo, L. A.; Oliveira, L. A.; Porto, A. L. F.; Campos-Takaki, G. M.; Tambourgi, E. B.