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Brazilian Journal of Chemical Engineering
versión On-line ISSN 0104-6632


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Braz. J. Chem. Eng. v.22 n.4 São Paulo oct./dic. 2005

 ·  Indirect estimation of Bacillus thuringiensis var. israelensis biomass concentration using oxygen balance data
Silveira, M. M.; Molina, M. A. B.

 ·  Concentration of a-lactalbumin from cow milk whey through expanded bed adsorption using a hydrophobic resin
Conrado, L. S.; Veredas, V.; Nóbrega, E. S.; Santana, C. C.

 ·  Development and evaluation of a radial anaerobic/aerobic reactor treating organic matter and nitrogen in sewage
Garbossa, L. H. P.; Lapa, K. R.; Zaiat, M.; Foresti, E.

 ·  A fuzzy logic algorithm for identification of the harvesting threshold during PGA production by Bacillus megaterium
Nucci, E. R.; Silva, R. G.; Gomes, T. C.; Giordano, R. C.; Cruz, A. J. G.

 ·  Stabilization of penicillin G acylase by immobilization on glutaraldehyde-activated chitosan
Adriano, W. S.; Filho, E. H. C.; Silva, J. A.; Giordano, R. L. C.; Gonçalves, L. R.B.

 ·  Adsorption of the inulinase from Kluyveromyces marxianus NRRL Y-7571 on Streamline® DEAE resin
Makino, Y.; Lima, P. S. C.; Filho, F. M.; Rodrigues, M. I.

 ·  Citric acid production by solid-state fermentation on a semi-pilot scale using different percentages of treated cassava bagasse
Prado, F. C.; Vandenberghe, L. P. S.; Woiciechowski, A. L.; Rodrígues-León, J. A.; Soccol, C. R.

 ·  A study on clavulanic acid production by Streptomyces clavuligerus in batch, fed-batch and continuous processes
Neto, A. B.; Hirata, D. B.; Cassiano Filho, L. C. M.; Bellão, C.; Badino Júnior, A. C.; Hokka, C. O.

 ·  The bioactivation procedure for increasing the sulphate-reducing bacteria in a UASB reactor
Gonçalves, M. M. M.; Leite, S. G. F.; Sant'Anna Jr, G. L.

 ·  Application of the wavelet image analysis technique to monitor cell concentration in bioprocesses
Garófano, G. J. R.; Venancio, C. G.; Suazo, C. A. T.; Almeida, P. I. F.

 ·  Mathematical modeling of capsular polysaccharide production by Neisseria meningitidis serogroup C in bioreactors
Henriques, A. W. S.; Jessouroun, E.; Lima, E. L.; Alves, T. L. M.

 ·  Anaerobic ammonium oxidation in a bioreactor treating slaughterhouse wastewater
Reginatto, V.; Teixeira, R. M.; Pereira, F.; Schmidell, W.; Furigo Jr, A.; Menes, R.; Etchebehere, C.; Soares, H. M.

 Environmental Engineering
 ·  A full-scale UASB reactor for treatment of pig and cattle slaughterhouse wastewater with a high oil and grease content
Miranda, L. A. S.; Henriques, J. A. P.; Monteggia, L. O.

 ·  Assessment of the ability of sludge to degrade PCP under anaerobic conditions
Bolaños, R. M. L.; Damianovic, M. H. R. Z.; Zaiat, M.; Foresti, E.