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Brazilian Journal of Chemical Engineering
versión On-line ISSN 0104-6632


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Braz. J. Chem. Eng. v.24 n.2 São Paulo abr./jun. 2007

 Bioprocess Engineering
 ·  Cashew wine vinegar production: alcoholic and acetic fermentation
Silva, M. E.; Torres Neto, A. B.; Silva, W. B.; Silva, F. L. H.; Swarnakar, R.

 Environmental Engineering
 ·  Fast-track evaluation of a compact chemically enhanced-trickling filter system
Ahmed, S. A. R.

 ·  A comparison between bulk and supported TiO2 photocatalysts in the degradation of formic acid
Tôrres, A. R.; Azevedo, E. B.; Resende, N. S.; Dezotti, M.

 ·  Assessment of the dye removal capability of submersed aquatic plants in a laboratory-scale wetland system using anova
Keskinkan, O.; Lugal Göksu, M. Z.

 Fluid Dynamics, Heat and Mass Transfer and Other Topics
 ·  Rheology and phase behavior of aggregating emulsions related to droplet-droplet interactions
Berli, C. L. A.

 ·  A new simulation method for the separation of binary mixtures in a four-column simulated moving bed
Starquit, A. N. V. R. D.; Guirardello, R.; Cremasco, M. A.

 ·  Heat transfer in porous media
Amanifard, N.; Borji, M.; Haghi, A. K.

 ·  A numerical investigation of the aerodynamics of a furnace with a movable block burner
Fudihara, T. J.; Goldstein Jr., L.; Mori, M.

 Kinetic and Catalysis, Reaction Engineering and Materials Science
 ·  A study of TiAlN coatings prepared by rf co-sputtering
García-González, L.; Garnica-Romo, M. G.; Hernández-Torres, J.; Espinoza-Beltrán, F. J.

 ·  Changes in mechanical properties due to gamma irradiation of high-density polyethylene (HDPE)
Cota, S. S.; Vasconcelos, V.; Senne Jr., M.; Carvalho, L. L.; Rezende, D. B.; Côrrea, R. F.

 Process System Engineering
 ·  Parameter estimation for LLDPE gas-phase reactor models
Neumann, G. A.; Finkler, T. F.; Cardozo, N. S. M.; Secchi, A. R.

 Thermodynamics and Separation Processes
 ·  Dynamic simulation of flash drums using rigorous physical property calculations
Gonçalves, F. M.; Castier, M.; Araújo, O. Q. F.

 ·  Selective separation of indium by iminodiacetic acid chelating resin
Fortes, M. C. B.; Martins, A. H.; Benedetto, J. S.

 ·  Determination of solubility parameters and thermodynamic properties in hydrocarbon-solvent systems by gas chromatography
Díaz, E.; Cazurro, A.; Ordóñez, S.; Vega, A.; Coca, J.