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Cadernos Pagu
On-line version ISSN 1809-4449


Repensando relações familiares

Table of contents
Cad. Pagu  no.29 Campinas July/Dec. 2007


 Dossier: Families on the Move
 ·  Apresentação - de família, reprodução e parentesco: algumas considerações
Fonseca, Claudia

 ·  Victims, relatives, and citizens: battles over the legitimacy of speech
Jelin, Elizabeth

 ·  Freud’s nanny and other nannies
Corrêa, Mariza

 ·  Friendship and Inequality: gender, generation and class between domestic workers and their employers
Brites, Jurema

 ·  Refiguring kinship in the space of adoption
Yngvesson, Barbara

 ·  From mother in law to daughter in law to mother in law on commercial and family networks in Mozambique
Jardim, Marta

 ·  From one dwelling to another: intergenerational cohabitation processes
Peixoto, Clarice Ehlers; Luz, Gleice Mattos

 ·  Palestinian families in the extreme south of Brazil and in the diaspora: experiences of border-crossing and identity
Jardim, Denise Fagundes

 ·  Identities in movement: chilean families in the fruit production of the Alto Valle de Río Negro, Argentina
Trpin, Verónica

 ·  Migration and telecommunications: technologies and transnational families in France and West Africa
Sargent, Carolyn; Larchance-Kim, Stephanie; Yatera, Samba

 ·  Connecting genes-building families: DNA testing in somali family reunification in Finland
Hautaniemi, Petri

 ·  "Domestic violence" and different forms of conciliation
Debert, Guita Grin; Oliveira, Marcella Beraldo de

 ·  Woman and family at the Bolsa-Escola Program: maternities propagated and instituted through TV advertisements
Klein, Carin

 ·  Ceres, women and the backlands: representations of the feminine and Brazilian agriculture in the first half of the twentieth century
Oliver, Graciela de Souza; Figueirôa, Silvia F. de M.

 ·  A vida como ela é...: images of marriage and love in Nelson Rodrigues’s stories
Zechlinski, Beatriz Polidori

 ·  Women’s empowerment in the nineteenth century Brazilian newspaper O Sexo Feminino
Nascimento, Cecília Vieira do; Oliveira, Bernardo J.

 ·  As estruturas elementares da violência
Pereira, Pedro Paulo Gomes

 ·  Mulheres em movimento: histórias do feminismo pela fotografia
Perucchi, Juliana; Adrião, Karla Galvão

 ·  Matando a escrava que vive em nós
Machado, Marília Novais da Mata

 ·  As maravilhas do sexo que ri de si mesmo
Pelúcio, Larissa