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Varia Historia
Print version ISSN 0104-8775


Table of contents
Varia hist. vol.23 no.38 Belo Horizonte July/Dec. 2007

Baggio, Kátia Gerab

 Dossiê: História das Américas: Política e Cultura
 ·  Istanbul and Mexico
Gruzinski, Serge

 ·  The Oath ceremony in New Spain: proclamations to Ferdinand in 1747 and 1808
Mínguez, Víctor

 ·  The wars of independence, social practices, and the elite code in nineteenth-century America: readings from Bolivar's correspondence
Fredrigo, Fabiana de Souza

 ·  Gertrudis Gómez de Avellaneda between Cuba and Spain: travel narratives and questions of ambivalence surrounding national identity
Franco, Stella Maris Scatena

 ·  Science, techniques, and U.S. naval expeditions toward Latin America (1838-1901)
Junqueira, Mary A.

 ·  Loving with open eyes: Emma Goldman and the political dissent in the Unites States
Azevedo, Cecilia

 ·  On Argentine disillusionment
Kozel, Andrés

 ·  New axes of editorial production in Castilian: the role of Spanish civil war exiles in Argentina and Mexico
Soares, Gabriela Pellegrino

 ·  The Chilean intelligence service in the Pinochet government
Antunes, Priscila

 ·  Engineers of the soul: reports from the Argentine military dictatorship's intelligence services on Latin American popular song, essays, and the social sciences
Funes, Patricia

 ·  Tanto andar a los mandobles para terminar a los besuqueos: on the re-legitimacy of Argentine politicians
Ansaldi, Waldo

 ·  Telling Zita's Tale: holy servants' stories and servants' history
Sarti, Rafaella

 ·  The Medieval Portuguese History: preservation, ordinance and forgetfulness
França, Susani Silveira Lemos

 ·  From Romatinas to Christianitas: the portuguese humanism and the visions of Dom João III's kingdom
Paes, Maria Paula Dias Couto

 ·  Vicenzo Bacherelli and the Florentine environment: an quadraturist apprenticeship
Mello, Magno Moraes

 ·  Producing concord: the poetics of power in Portuguese America (16th - 18th centuries)
Luz, Guilherme Amaral

 ·  The bats of the new world: America and the blood-eating bat according to the cinquecentist travelers
Santos, Christian Fausto Moraes dos; Ferreira, Vítor de Souza; Carreira, Lígia

 ·  Before Minas Gerais: conquest and occupation of the captaincy's hinterland
Carrara, Angelo Alves

 ·  Imperial decency, Republican silence: norms and forms of reading in Brazilian libraries
Denipoti, Cláudio

 ·  The work of Sisifo: slavery for debt in the extractive industry of Brazilian tea (Mato Grosso, 1890-1945)
Guillen, Isabel Cristina Martins

 ·  Semear horizontes: uma história da formação de leitores na Argentina e no Brasil, 1915-1954
Miskulin, Sílvia Cezar

 ·  Polémicas intelectuales en América Latina: del "meridiano intelectual" al caso Padilla (1927-1971)
Costa, Adriane A. Vidal