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Varia Historia
Print version ISSN 0104-8775


Table of contents
Varia hist. vol.24 no.40 Belo Horizonte July/Dec. 2008

Mello, Magno Moraes

 Special Issue: History of Art
 ·  The quadraturism on the Pallazzo Pitti from Cosimo II to Cosimo III of Medici
Farneti, Fauzia

 ·  The lesson of painting by painting: variations; paraphrases; appropriations; quotations
André, Paula

 ·  Art History or Art Story?
Magalhães, Roberto Carvalho de

 ·  The Photography Collection "Inventário da Azulejaria Portuguesa", by João Miguel Santos Simões (1960-1968): artistic object, document and memory
Câmara, Maria Alexandra Trindade Gago da

 ·  The representation of the Seraphic Christ in the church of the Tertiary Order of Saint Francis Penitent in Rio de Janeiro
Bonnet, Márcia Cristina Leão

 ·  Vitoriano dos Anjos Figueiroa, the high altar of the main church of Campinas and the tradition of Altarpieces production in Bahia
Freire, Luiz Alberto Ribeiro

 ·  Teachings on perspective as part of fortifications in the 18th century: the case of the Royal Academy of Mathematics of Barcelona
Galindo Díaz, Jorge

 ·  Architeture, scheme and meaning: semantics problems on Architeture
Raynaud, Dominique

 ·  Pedro Ferreira, an unknown sculptor from Bahia
Flexor, Maria Helena Ochi

 ·  A Note on Illusionism and Allegory in the Baroque Painting of Salvador, Bahia
Sobral, Luís de Moura

 ·  Art History on the crossroad
Machado, José Alberto Gomes

 ·  The Epiclassic period in Mesoamerica: implications to the toltec question and the archaeologycal site of Chichén Itzá
Navarro, Alexandre Guida

 ·  A construction of deeds and words: Cicero and the rhetorical conception of history
Teixeira, Felipe Charbel

 ·  Guibert of Nogent (c.1055 - c.1125): between History and exegesis in the 12th century
Silva Filho, João Gomes da

 ·  The Tupis and Tapuias of Eckhout: the Decline of the Renaissance Image of the Indian
Chicangana-Bayona, Yobenj Aucardo

 ·  When the Indians choose their allies: the "friendship" relations between the Minuanos and the Lusitanian in the south of Portuguese America (c.1750-1800)
Garcia, Elisa Frühauf

 ·  Ars Historica in the Ancient Regime: the History before Historiography
Lopes, Marcos Antônio

 ·  The game of appearances: clothing connotations by the end of the 19th century in Mexico City
Gutiérrez, Florencia

 ·  Law and order in the District of Minas Gerais: fiscal policies, bargaining and confrontation politics, 1700-1733
Silva, Vera Alice Cardoso

 ·  The Quaresma Delgado's accounts of reconnaissance
Santos, Márcio Roberto Alves dos

 ·  The voyagers' Jequitinhonha, Nineteenth and Twentieth centuries: different views over the society - nature relations in northeast Minas Gerais
Martins, Marcos Lobato

 ·  D. José Botelho de Mattos, archbishop of Bahia, and the Expulsion of the Jesuits (1758-1760)
Souza, Evergton Sales

 ·  Punk: Culture and Art
Gallo, Ivone Cecília D'Ávila

 ·  Prezados Editores da Revista Varia História
Stumpf, Roberta