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Varia Historia
Print version ISSN 0104-8775


Table of contents
Varia hist. vol.25 no.42 Belo Horizonte July/Dec. 2009

Silveira, Anny Jackeline Torres; Figueiredo, Betânia Gonçalves

 Special Issue: Spanish Influenza
 ·  Tackling the Flu: the epidemic and the responses from the public health officers and the political agents in Portugal (1918-1919)
Sobral, José Manuel; Lima, Maria Luísa; Silveira e Sousa, Paulo; Castro, Paula

 ·  The Spanish flu in Salvador: the everyday life in the sick city
Souza, Christiane Maria Cruz de

 ·  Invisible flu: community response to the 1918-1920 flu pandemic in the rural areas of north Sweden
Engberg, Elisabeth

 ·  Omnipotent fear along 1918 influenza
Bertucci, Liane Maria

 ·  Professional renovation and reorganization in time of crisis, pharmacists and veterinarians during the influenza epidemic of 1918-1919 in Spain
Porras Gallo, María Isabel

 ·  Before, during and after the visit of the "Spanish Lady": mortality by influenza in Boyacá, Colombia, 1912-1927
Martínez Martín, Abel Fernando; Ospina Díaz, Juan Manuel; Manrique-Abril, Fred Gustavo; Meléndez Alvarez, Bernardo Francisco

 ·  The history of the book and the edition: a privileged observatory of mankind's mental world in the XVIIIth to the XXth centuries
Mollier, Jean-Yves

 ·  Paris, editorial capital of the Luso-Brazilian book world in the first halph of XIXth centuries?
Cooper-Richet, Diana

 ·  From the stage to the bookstores: theatrical texts' edition and diffusion in Rio Janeiro at the second half of the XIXth century
Souza, Silvia Cristina Martins de

 ·  The queen and the general: a Foucaultian reading on Couto de Magalhães' intimate diary
Henrique, Márcio Couto

 ·  Winds of change: the Central Sugar mill of Aracaty Company and the sugar production in Minas Gerais at the down of XIXth century
Meira, Roberta Barros

 ·  On the usefulness and disadvantages of history for Hayden White
Mello, Ricardo Marques de

 Review Essays
 ·  Cada um na sua lei: tolerância religiosa e salvação no mundo atlântico ibérico
Souza, Evergton Sales