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Varia Historia
Print version ISSN 0104-8775


Table of contents
Varia hist. vol.28 no.47 Belo Horizonte Jan./June 2012

Brandão, Priscila

 Special Issue: History and Intelligence
 ·  The training of information agents and the civil-military dictatorship in Brazil (1964-1985)
Quadrat, Samantha Viz

 ·  History of the Present, traumatic events and sensitive documents: the Brazilian experience
Fico, Carlos

 ·  Informational state: implications for information and intelligence policies at the beginning of the 21th Century
Pinheiro, Marta Macedo Kerr

 ·  Explaining governmental intelligence failures
Cepik, Marco A. C.; Ambros, Christiano C.

 ·  Some aspects of reforming intelligence in Latin America
Gill, Peter

 ·  The regulatory scope of domestic intelligence in Latin America
Ugate, José Manuel

 ·  The evolution of European cooperation in intelligence
Díaz Fernández, Antonio M.

 ·  Jean Bodin, his ' Methodus' and Thucydides' Clio
Pires, Francisco Murari

 ·  From Lisbon to Rio de Janeiro: the trajectory of Diogo Barbosa Machado's Collection
Caldeira, Ana Paula Sampaio

 ·  Noblemen, captains and sugar landlords: Humanism, Baroque and the cultural dialogue between Spain and the sugar plantation society (Pernambuco, XVI and XVII centuries)
Silva, Kalina Vanderlei

 ·  Diseases from witchcraft: eighteenth century Minas Gerais captaincy/Brazil and the imaginary of the diseases
Nogueira, André Luís Lima

 ·  Overseas richness and misfortunes: enrichment and politicians' conflicts of the Portuguese America's governors
Pereira, Marcos Aurélio de Paula

 ·  The "leap" of modernity?: notes on literature, market and modernization in the 19th century
Pas, Hernán

 ·  "The proletariat's integration into the modern society": the School for Apprentice Craftsmen of Minas Gerais (1910-1941)
Chamon, Carla Simone; Goodwin Jr., James William

 ·  Everyday tactics and collective action: how the people affected with Hansen's disease (leprosy) politically resisted to the disease
Mendonça, Ricardo Fabrino

 ·  The Cuban Missile Crisis (1962): a study of the Brazilian initiatives
Avila, Carlos Federico Domínguez

 ·  World Bank: conception, creation and the first years (1942-60)
Pereira, João Márcio Mendes

 ·  Representation against the Director of the Saint John d'el Rey Mining Company, Limited (Morro Velho) 1861
Souza, Rafael de Freitas e

 Review Essays
 ·  Arqueologia
Almeida, Fábio Py Murta de

 ·  Por uma história do político
Santos, João Batista Ribeiro

 ·  La humanitas hispana
Rodríguez Giles, Ana Inés

 ·  Inventar a heresia?: discursos polêmicos e poderes antes da Inquisição
Silva, Carolina Gual da

 ·  Jerusalém colonial: judeus portugueses no Brasil holandês
Feitler, Bruno

 ·  Mulheres em Macau: donas honradas, mulheres livres e escravas (séculos XVI e XVII)
Wagner, Ana Paula