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Soldagem & Inspeção
Print version ISSN 0104-9224


Table of contents
Soldag. insp. (Impr.) vol.14 no.4 São Paulo Oct./Dec. 2009

 Technical Papers
 ·  Microstructural evaluation and mechanical properties of a friction stir spot welded TRIP 800 steel
Mazzaferro, Cíntia Cristiane Petry; Ramos, Fabiano Dornelles; Mazzaferro, José Antônio Esmerio; Rosendo, Tonilson de Souza; Tier, Marco Antônio Durlo; Silva, Antônio Mônaco da; Santos, Jorge Fernandez dos; Reguly, Afonso

 ·  Study of formulations and the manufacturing variables of a ceramic weld backing
Almeida, Luciana Lezira Pereira de; Tatagiba, Luiz Cláudio Soares; Vieira, Carlos Maurício; Ramalho, José; Paranhos, Ronaldo Pinheiro da Rocha

 ·  Bead characterization on FCAW welding of a rutilic tubular wire
Starling, Cícero Murta Diniz; Modenesi, Paulo J.; Borba, Tadeu Messias Donizete

 ·  Effect of shielding gas and transfer mode on the application of 625 alloy in carbon steel
Baixo, Carlos Eduardo Iconomos; Dutra, Jair Carlos

 ·  Influence of welding current in plasma-MIG weld process on the bead weld geometry and wire fusion rate
Resende, André Alves de; Ferraresi, Valtair Antonio; Scotti, Américo; Dutra, Jair Carlos

 ·  Comparative study of the wear resistance of three metal cored wire welded coatings used in industry
Leite, Ricardo Vinícius de Melo; Marques, Paulo Villani

 ·  Determination of the momentum of droplets impinging on the pool during aluminium GMAW
Scotti, Américo; Rodrigues, Carlos Eduardo Aguiar Lima

 Invited Paper
 ·  Improving productivity and quality in plastic and thin metallic plates manufacturing by using ultrasonic welding processes
Dehelean, D.; Oanca, O.

 Technological Challenge
 ·  Is the 100-A TIG arc with pure argon special?
Vilarinho, Louriel O.

 ·  Issues before performing measurements from pictures/films in welding
Vilarinho, Louriel O.; Lucas, Bill; Raghunathan, Sayee