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Soldagem & Inspeção
Print version ISSN 0104-9224


Table of contents
Soldag. insp. (Impr.) vol.15 no.3 São Paulo July/Sept. 2010

 Technical Papers
 ·  Effect of thermal cycles on the HAZ of a stainless steel multipass weld of superduplex SAF 2507
Villalobos, D.; Maldonado, C.; Albiter, A.; Robles-Piedras, E.

 ·  Effect of coating type on spot welding of galvanized steel
Silva, Tarcélio Anício da; Modenesi, Paulo J.

 ·  Low-cost methodology for obtaining CCT welding diagrams
Vilarinho, Louriel Oliveira; Araújo, Douglas Bezerra de

 ·  Study of the welding of duplex and superduplex stainless steel pipes in the 5G position
Vasconcellos, Pedro Ivo Guimarães de; Rosenthal, Ruben; Paranhos, Ronaldo Pinheiro da Rocha

 ·  Determination of weldability fields for Dual-Phase 600 steel in AC and MFDC RSW
Wolff, Marco Antonio; Silva, Ramsés Ferreira da; Vilarinho, Louriel Oliveira

 ·  Weaving parameter optimization for buttering on carbon steel plates by TIG process with an AWS ER309L wire
Fratari, Rômulo Queiroz; Schvartzman, Mônica M.A.M.; Scotti, Américo

 ·  Welding energy input evaluation on the final residual stresses in multipass welded joints
Oliveira, George Luiz Gomes de; Silva, Thiago Ferreira da; Miranda, Hélio Cordeiro de; Motta, Marcelo Ferreira

 ·  Characterization of the AWS 317L weld overlay applied by twin wire GMAW on ASTM a516 gr 60 steel used in oil and gas industry
Silva, Marcos Mesquita da; Oliveira, Wellington Cordeiro; Maciel, Theophilo Moura; Santos, Marco Antonio dos; Motta, Marcelo Ferreira

 ·  Effects of the heat input in the mechanical integrity of the welding joints welded by GMAW and LBW process in Transformation Induced Plasticity steel (TRIP) used in the automotive industry
López Cortéz, Victor H.; Pérez Medina, Gladys Y.; Reyes Valdéz, Felipe A.; López, Hugo F.

 ·  Microstructural evolution of a superduplex stainless steel under short duration thermal cycles
Mendoza Bravo, Ivan; Maldonado Zepeda, Cuauhtémoc; Serrato Rodríguez, Juán; Albiter Hernández, Apolinar