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Soldagem & Inspeção
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Table of contents
Soldag. insp. vol.16 no.4 São Paulo Oct./Dec. 2011

 ·  Um novo marco legal para a ciência, tecnologia e inovação (CTI)
Paranhos, Ronaldo

 Technical Papers
 ·  Characterization and evaluation of corrosion resistance of welded joint of duplex stainless steel pipe UNS S31803 by submerged arc process
Pardal, Juan Manuel; Souza, Guttemberg C. de; Tavares, Sérgio Souto Maior; Fonseca, Maria da P. Cindra; Ferreira, Miguel L. Ribeiro; Martins, Leandro M.; Samra Filho, Omar A.

 ·  Evaluation of microstructure and mechanical properties of weld metals obtained by manual and automated welding process used in the welding of API 5L X80 steel
Albuquerque, Siderley Fernandes; Maciel, Theophilo Moura; Santos, Marco Antônio dos; Bracarense, Alexandre Queiroz

 ·  High productivity TIG welding: influence of shielding gases on the limit speed for defect formation
Schwedersky, Mateus Barancelli; Dutra, Jair Carlos; Okuyama, Marcelo Pompermaier; Silva, Régis Henrique Gonçalves e

 ·  Applicability of monitoring of electric arc emissions for quality control in MAG-S process
Cayo, Eber Huanca; Alfaro, Sadek Crisóstomo Absi

 ·  Comparison of operational performance and bead characteristics when welding with different tubular wires in negative polarity
Starling, Cícero Murta Diniz; Modenesi, Paulo José; Borba, Tadeu Messias Donizete

 ·  Weldability of abrasion-resistant steels of 450 HB hardness
Guimarães, Gabriel Corrêa; Silva, Ramsés Ferreira da; Silva, Luiz Carlos da

 ·  Influence of base material on the melting efficiency in arc welding
Reis, Ruham Pablo; Costa, André Luis Gonçalves da; Silveira, Fernanda Mendonça; Mota, Paulo Rosa da; Souza, Robson José de; Scotti, Américo

 Technological Challenge
 ·  Investigation over the eficiency of fiber glass and ceramic fiber as weld support in one-sided welding
Tatagiba, Luiz Cláudio; Silva, Angelus Giuseppe Pereira da; Paranhos, Ronaldo

 ·  Friction riveting (FricRiveting). Development of a new joining technique for polymer-metal hybrid joints. Part I: process and microstructure
Amancio-Filho, Sergio T.

 ·  Friction riveting (FricRiveting). Development of a new joining technique for polymer-metal hybrid joints). Parte II: thermal and mechanical properties
Amancio-Filho, Sergio T.